February 10, 2013


I am Lucy in the university's production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown."
Our director has requested that we get and stay in shape this semester 
(For the sake of being able to sustain steady breath support for simultaneous singing and choreography).
Setting the Scene:
Workout room, Ladies' Dorm, about 8:30 PM.
Ashley, the Dorm Supervisor, enters as I stretch after my workout.
Me: Hullo, Ashley! How are you?
Ashley: I'm doing well, how are you?
Me: I'm doing fine! (*Gesturing widely to exercise material*) Our director has us on a diet for the musical.
Ashley, turning to me and quite intently: Be careful about that. Just be certain that it's Spirit-filled.
Exit stage left. 
What just happened?
I know that diets 
(Even the suggestion of one) 
And I don't necessarily get along very well;
It's only a matter of days before I've run wild with it, 
Have stopped eating anything at all,
And am sliding down the slippery slope again, 
Back to that dark place of lonely, insecure torture.
But that's not it.
"Just be certain it's spirit-filled "
A diet?
I wasn't entirely sure I knew to what she was referring.
So I sat down with my Bible and my Best Friend and thought about it.
What was momentarily confusing has, quite quickly, become sharply understood.
How often do we consider the Spirit of God as it touches even the most mundane things in our lives?
Things like
Use of time
Now I know that the latter is more of an emphasized point for me personally,
But the Bible has so many things to be said about the Spirit.
(You know, that thing that indwells us as born-again Christians,
Connecting us to our Heavenly Father?)
The particular verse I'm dwelling on tonight is Galatians 5:16
"Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not gratify the desires of the flesh."
If I am walking in the Spirit,
If what I am doing is Spirit-filled,
Then I, by matter of course, am not giving in to Satan.
Perhaps I'm rambling: let me try and explain this.
If something like a "normal" diet done "normally" sends me into Eating Disorder Mode
-A mindset, habits, and an illness that is merely one of the many ways Satan draws me away from Christ-
Then if it is Spirit-filled,
 I cannot fall down that slippery slope.
If I am consulting and following the Lord in what I do, 
I cannot be consulting and following myself.
And it is when I consult myself that I begin to fall
And truly begin to fail.
So my question
(And proposition)
Is this:
Are you making the choice to trust and walk in the Spirit in all of the areas
-Minuscule and otherwise-
That you face in life?
And what will it take for you to start?


Gramma said...

Right on, my Gracie...I love you! G

Becca said...

You go, girl!!! Praying for you as you fight through this!