January 3, 2013

All Good Things To Those Who Wait

It is so very good to be home. 
It is good to spend the Holidays with friends and loved ones.
It is good to see friends get married 
(Even better: to each other).
{Photo courtesy of Leanna Hull}
It is good to work again,
To have something you need to do,
Something you enjoy,
And do it.
It is good to have new hair.
I haven't had it cut since Juneish of 2011, and it's heavenly having that freshly-styled feel crowning one's head .
It is good to spend time,
With a certain boy.
It is good to face a new year,
A new start,
New opportunities,
And new hope.
It is good to be home.
To do all of the mundane things of life
Drinking tea,
Reading books,
Going to the market-
In a familiar place of comfort. 
It makes the mundane things into activities to be appreciated,
It is simply,
Good to be home.