December 3, 2012

Crunch Time

Two more weeks.
One until final exams,
Two until I step off campus with an entire semester
(Surreal though it seems)
behind me. 
How do I feel, might you ask?
...just about sums it up.
I'm in that overwhelmed place where Too much To Do meets Not Enough Time
Which is inevitably accompanied by Don't Know How,
And they all like to catch up over a steaming cup of worry, with some stressing out on the side.
But fellow university guinea pigs,
And we the overworked and under-rested:
There is hope!
The end is near
But I offer you a greater encouragement.
We need not do this alone.
These are just a few verses that have really been on my heart and mind lately.
With all of the crazy,
That has been going on,
I figure I'm not the only one who needs to refocus on the truths that really matter,
And the words that truly comfort.
So next time you begin to think...
Instead try remembering...
{All images found via pinterest}


Optimistic Existentialist said...

My finals are next week. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...
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SarahG. said...

How encouraging! Thanks for reminding me that God's watching my back during crazy test time. I already knew of course, but it's still nice to be reminded.