December 14, 2012

Positional Ambivalence

This is the part that I hate.
Finals finished
(And passed)
Bags packed,
Campus empty,
Dorms abandoned,
Semester (successfully) completed...
And now I wait.
I'm in a state of positional ambivalence:
Not quite all here,
And not quite home.
It's an indecisive longing that makes me curiously desire to have both at once.
I can't wait to be home,
But I don't want to leave.
This semester at school has been an amazing season of personal growth and learning,
And I am loathe to leave it behind.
But the comforts of home
-Family, friends, and my own bed-
 Beckon with so strong a pull I can't wait to embrace them all.
But until I do, 
I have to play the waiting game.
And it's a game I'll continue to play until I board that plane at 4:30 tomorrow
And truly begin my journey home.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."- Philippians 4:6
Patience is a virtue.

December 9, 2012

Things I Miss

I'm taking a break from my studying for finals
(Okay, I was knitting too, but I was also re-listening to a lecture!)
To reflect in Christmas-like glee over all of the things I've missed this semester.
I'm going to be home in a week,
And I'm anxiously awaiting it as only an over-tired,

Thing One: My family
{Photo creds to Marissa Dickey}
I never thought I'd say this,
But I really miss these crazy kids.
(Yes, my mother is included in the term "kids".)

Thing Two: The happy couple.
{Photo creds to Ryan}
Two weeks until the wedding, 
And this is one maid-of-honour who can't wait to see her best friend tie the knot,
And make her happiness complete.

Thing Three: My job
I love my job, I love my coworkers, and I can't wait to get a few hours in with both over break.


Thing Four: My church
It will be good to be back with my home church again,
And to catch up with all of the lovely people therein. 

Thing Five: My Stash
People, I don't think I can express in mere words the joy that a knitter,
Coming out of a near yarn-famine,
Feels upon being reunited with her fiber stash,
But the words "glorious" and "transcendent joy" come pretty close.
I may or may not end up sleeping with skeins of wool under my pillow.

Thing Six: My (not quite a collection of) shoes. 
Enough said.
(For the record, these aren't my shoes, I only wish that they were.)

Thing Seven: Baking
...And more baking....
...And more baking...
Then of course there's the usual list of things such as:
Hot tea (or cocoa) and knitting while watching Christmas films (or Planet Earth)
Sleeping In
Our Christmas tree, decked out in lights and semi-ancient, funky ornaments
Driving my 'lil white Ford Focus, Phil
Being reunited with Boise
Messenger and/or Pie Hole Pizza
Les Miserables and The Hobbit
And, y'know, spending Christmas and three-four weeks doing all of the above with a certain boy...
(I'm definitely introducing him to my shoes).
It's going to be a rather nerve-racking week to get through, 
But through the strength of God
(And not of myself)
I most certainly will. 
And in seven days I'll be sipping tea, 
Snuggled in my own blankets,
And gleefully plotting a bridal shower.
Lovely readers,
Merry Christmas,
And happy finals week.

December 3, 2012

Crunch Time

Two more weeks.
One until final exams,
Two until I step off campus with an entire semester
(Surreal though it seems)
behind me. 
How do I feel, might you ask?
...just about sums it up.
I'm in that overwhelmed place where Too much To Do meets Not Enough Time
Which is inevitably accompanied by Don't Know How,
And they all like to catch up over a steaming cup of worry, with some stressing out on the side.
But fellow university guinea pigs,
And we the overworked and under-rested:
There is hope!
The end is near
But I offer you a greater encouragement.
We need not do this alone.
These are just a few verses that have really been on my heart and mind lately.
With all of the crazy,
That has been going on,
I figure I'm not the only one who needs to refocus on the truths that really matter,
And the words that truly comfort.
So next time you begin to think...
Instead try remembering...
{All images found via pinterest}