September 15, 2012

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the heart...
Those words just about sum up the past two weeks for me.
I'm constantly discovering and deciphering new things about the device at my core,
It's chambers and valves,
Pumping blood and emotion,
Desperately wicked, above all things,
And yet, above all things, marvelously redeemed. 
Consequently, the transpiring events have been of the greatest significance.
At least to me.

Thing One:
The band.

{Image courtesy of Creat10ns Media}
Yes, I'm in a band.
We recorded our first song last week, 
And the fantastic folks at Creat10ns Media spent this week making a music video for us.
Ladies and gentlemen, 
Readers and bloggers of all ages,
I give you Wolfhead. 
(Shameless advertising pitch: We do have a Facebook page, which you are more than welcome to visit and like.) 
Which brings me to...
Thing Two:
This boy.
Thaddeus Staton:
The mastermind behind the music,
And the greatest gift I have ever been given.
He's a genius,
Musically, creatively, and otherwise,
And in general pretty awesome.
{Image courtesy of Creat10ns Media}
I've suddenly found myself in the very curious position of wondering how I've possibly lived nineteen years
Without him.
For the sake of my readers, 
I'll defer my girlish delight and raptures and just say that I'm the happiest of humans,
And am greatly look forward to all of the music he and I get to create together in the future. 

Thing Three:
Another anniversary.
A year ago today I checked into the Eating Disorder Facility at NYSPI.
A year ago today, I moved to New York City and began, in great earnest, the hardest part of my journey to recovery.
A year ago today I weighed just under 90 lbs.
A year later, I'm not only beating the odds, and statistics greatly out of favor, B
ut am also being reminded of just how far I've come.
God is so good, and I just need to look around me to be reminded in a hundred thousand ways. 
I am enthralled by the amount of sky here:
It's as if the entire vault of heaven has been opened and spread out for our viewing pleasure. 
Truth be told, the view and weather isn't going to be like this much longer, 
And although I love Winter,
I still am trying to soak up every glorious drop of sunshine.
I hope your weekend is going as marvelously as mine!
Don't forget to be thankful.


Anonymous said...

Wait to the one year celebration of hitting your goal weight and maintaining health. It's wonderful.

Charity Richards said...

This post makes me VERY happy :)

Mary said...

This post MADE. MY. DAY!!! I loveeee it, Grace! I just want to hug you! That song, just made me want to cry, it was so beautiful, and your so beautiful...and Thaddeus voice is so beautiful! Oh gosh, I just adore it all. *sighs*

kimberly said...

I can't even tell you how amazing I think this is! You never told us you could sing like that, Grace! Amazing!
I'm so happy for you in so many ways. God is soooo good. :)

Kaley Grace said...

Grace, your very you-ness makes me wanna dance and sing. Thank you for sharing a peek into your beautiful heart :) Praising God for the way He has woven your story!

And also. I love wolfhead. End of story.

Sarah Michelle said...

Congratulations on one year! That's awesome! And the song is amazing! :)

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, you two sound *amazing*. That song was so haunting, and your voices go together beautifully. Plus the piano playing. It was gorgeous.
Are you going to put it on iTunes or anything?

Sarah Michelle said...

Yes, yes!! We want itunes! Haha, I honestly lost count of how many times I have listened to it, haha. :)

Grace Doolittle said...

You guys are awesome! iTunes is a bit difficult because music rights and su ch, but perhaps in the near future? I personally like the idea of setting up a bandcamp page, and if that happens you all will be the first to know. :)
Thanks for the lovely comments!

SarahG. said...

Hey Grace! Congrats on your anniversary. I remember when you left, and it's hard to believe it has been that long already. I wish I could tell you how many people are proud of you. And the song - I love it. I wish I had the same opportunity you did to make and share such a beautiful sound.

Jo said...

Aw... this post is so cute! I'm going, now, to listen to that video!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hello Grace!!!

I have not checked here forever! I have been in and out of church because I have a newborn and have not seen you. I finally asked someone where you were and then wanted to check your blog. So glad about your recovery. You are doing great. Miss seeing you at church. Okay, your voice is beautiful. What a gift that the Lord can use. And................WHO IS THE BOY???? A boyfriend? :) Boy, I am out of the loop. Take care. You are beautiful.

Jessica or Mrs. A