September 4, 2012

A Higher Education

It's finally happened:
I'm officially a college student.
(As a side note, I had to backspace and retype the word "officially" four times to get the spelling correct. So much for graduating high school.)
After a year of trying to regain my health and attending the school of Life,
I have begun my first week at Northland International University,
And I'm loving it.
First of all, I live in the woods.
I sometimes am tempted to walk out into one of the fields and write simplistic essays in the vein of Thoreau, 
But my living in a dorm and attending classes in tall, air-conditioned buildings kind of negates that sentiment.
Campus is lovely.
I love waking up to fog in the morning:
It feels like home.
So far things have been very overwhelming,
Yet not at all hectic.
Trying to fall into a schedule,
Become accustomed to classes,
Complete assignments,
And be sociable can be a bit taxing,
But they somehow make it easy here.
On Sunday I went with an extension group to a church an hour or so away.
It was one of those stunning days with a vast, blue sky, and slight breeze.
After the service, the pastor took us down to Lake Michigan, where we waded for several hours.
I'm in love with the Great Lakes, how they are just reminiscent enough of the ocean to leave me quite happy.
(Translation: I spent two hours sloshing knee deep in water and squealing like a little girl.)
I could definitely live near one and be happy.
So far, the hardest part of college is probably breaking out of my box and getting to know other people:
Sitting down at a table with an empty seat,
And introducing myself.
I've found a few people who are crazy in a way similar to me,
And I have several I've already become quite close to.
In the short week that has already passed, God has already been directing my attention to serious areas of need in my spiritual life, most especially that of sheer reliance and rest in Him.
It seems that every time I turn around I'm ten miles from Christ and trying to walk through a marshy bog by myself. I'm so thankful that he seemingly never tires of rescuing me from myself.
I am blessed.
So as my days turn into a blur of classes,
Piano lessons,
Voice lessons,
Piano practice, 
Voice practice,
Choir practice,
Play practice,
And tests,
Blog posts may be few and far between.
However, I dearly hope to continue to throw words on here, 
And keep the world updated with my college adventures.
And if anyone wants to write me
(You all know how I love my snail mail, and to my blog-pen-pals out there that I already write, I have no intention of stopping now! *Evil grin*)
My address is
Grace Doolittle
Box #105 Northland International University
W 10085 Pike Plains RD
Dunbar, WI 54119-9285.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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Emily Rose said...

Oh Grace, this all sounds so lovely!! I can't believe I've been missing out on your blog for so long....and by the way, I got your last letter (the one you sent so many months ago) and I just haven't written a reply yet.;( I'm so sorry to leave you hanging!