August 23, 2012

These Days

These days
Things are a whirlwind:
Somewhere between the normal 
And the hectic.
My brother's wedding was beautiful.
{Photo by Randy Lavorante}

Sophie's last picture as Ms. Tally.

{Photo by Randy Lavorante}
The bloke in the center is my brother,
A fact that didn't seem to stop the many cat calls and whistles we received as we marched back down the aisle.

I was finally able to meet my newest little nephew.
Huck likes what most infants like:
And occasionally shrieking
(Just to remind us all that he's there).

Now that all the family has left,
Gone back to their respective 
Things seem eerily quiet.
Preparations have begun for school:
Middle and high school for my siblings,
College for me.
It feels so surreal to be packing suitcases,
Buying dorm supplies,
Saying goodbyes to friends I never really thought I'd leave.
I have been so blessed this year:
Last Summer 
-Post graduation-
Should have been my last one before the proverbial "growing up" of college,
But it was spent battling an eating disorder,
And what little I remember are things I'd rather forget.
This Summer,
Has been everything I could have ever asked for and more.
It's been sunshine, adventures, music, friends, and all kinds of joy, many of them purely incandescent and entirely perfect.
God is good.
And for all this Summer's imperfect perfection, 
I am ready to move on into the coming school year
(Because let's face it, ready or not, it's coming).
And I'm not only excited 
(Nervous, and absolutely deer-in-the-headlights frightened)
About boarding that plane on Sunday,
I'm truly looking forward to it.
Summer may be over, 
But life has only just begun.
Also, I drew a barcode on wrist the other day, and I think it turned out rather nice.

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