July 11, 2012

To Dos

Do you ever feel as if Summer is just a
To-do list?
Books to read,
Things to do,
Places to go,
Sights to see?
So far, my Summer has been a to-do list.
Not unpleasant, but very busy.
Today seems like a good day to pause and reflect on my (many) blessings, and share the things I've been enjoying.
Count 'em.
1. This Lady.
She may kill me for this...
Anywho, we have spent so much time this Summer just being the silly people we are,
It truly has been one of the biggest treats.
We recently went and saw The Hunger Games
(She's seen it thrice, it was my first go).
The Edwards Theaters has a fantastic fountain in the middle of the market square.
After the movie, we tried flipping coins into the water.
She missed the first few times (hence the sad face), but finally was able to successfully flip a penny off her thumb and into the water.
I just threw mine.
On our way to Neverland!
And up to no good.
We have some pretty epic times together.
2. Words
I've been using most of my free time to avidly consume books by the dozens.
I've been reading a lot of Lewis Carroll, 
And am also rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Also on the list are Miss Peregrinne's Home For Peculiar Children,
Tales from Outer Suburbia,
And Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy.
What are you reading?
Any good suggestions?
3. Camp
I was blessed (and surprised) with the chance to go to Family Camp at Red Cliff Bible Camp in the beautiful Tetons of Wyoming.
It's the camp where Brianne and Ryan first met,
And all of the youth at my church (myself excluded) spent a week every Summer for many years.
I've spent the last four or five years hearing everyone talk about how amazing a place it is,
Count down the days all year long until they could go back.
I wasn't quite sure what made it so spectacular, but after less than a week there I am already in love.
If the stunning scenery weren't enough, it's a place where you can spend time with the Lord, 
Hear good preaching,
And spend time with others as hungry for Christ as you are.
Something about being so close to His loveliest creations makes pursuing God an even richer and grander experience there. 
Partway through the stay it became rainy and cool, 
Something we weren't quite prepared for, wardrobe wise.
Top that with the typical camping dirt and such, 
And I began to look very...frumpy.
Who cares.
I love camping.
4. Great Expecations.
I recently saw BBC's newest Dicken's adaptation, 
And I am completely in love.
Okay, let's be real:
It's mostly Douglas Booth I love.
I think it's probably because of the cravat.
 It also might be the hair.
Or his face.
(I don't usually have fan-girl crushes, so this is the rare exception.)
He makes such a fantastic Phillip (Pip)!
Gillian Anderson is pitch perfect as Miss Havisham 
(I.e. Absolutely, positively, perfectly creepy),
And Vanessa Kirby played a stunning Estelle. 
Okay, so I love her hair too.
Why don't people do their hair like this anymore?!
The same goes for the wearing of cravats!
Fashion these days is clearly lacking in the finer details.
5. Current Favourite.
I scored a bright, shiny, red pair of Toms Shoes at work yesterday!
My first ones ever!
I've been wanting some for quite some time,
And I'm glad I decided to wait: 
These cost me under $20.
I love my job.
What's on your Summer To-Do list?
Don't forget to count your blessings!
One more picture of Douglas Booth and cool hair.
Okay, I'm done now: promise.


Victoria said...

My summer to-do lists consists of finishing leftover schoolwork and much reading of books. I've finished ten so far. :) As for suggestions...personally, I read every classic I can get my hands on. Out of my last batch, my favorite was Wives and Daughters That one was positively lovely. Also, Shakespeare's plays. They are SO MUCH FUN when you dramatically read them aloud! And if you can find a friend who will do the different parts with you, it's even more awesome. :)

Madison said...

Grace, I wish you would write long posts every day so I could read them all day long. Your writing style is basically perfection. :)
I'm reading A Series of Unfortunate Events too! One of my best friends is loaning them to me. I've also been reading Les Miserables and The Good Earth, though I'm dieing to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Grapes of Wrath. Books are kind of consuming my summer. :)

Grace Doolittle said...

Victoria, I love Wives and Daughters! Elizabeth Gaskell is a favourite author; Cranford should be on your list, and also North And South. But especially Cranford.
Madison: You flatter me!!I'm honoured none-the-less, though.
And Les Mis. is an amazing story, and I suggest you read Dicken's Tale of Two Cities afterwards because it is another spin off of the same subject (and written as only Dickens can write). Also, John Steinbeck is amazing. Just saying.
I wish I had more time to read everything to be read! Instead I stuff sentences and paragraphs in wherever and whenever I can.