July 27, 2012

I Can Hear The Bells

I can't believe it.
In less than a month I'm going to watch my brother Jim and his lovely fiancee Sophie tie the knot.
{Photo by Savannah Tally}
I've been thinking about this all Summer, 
But it's only now beginning to hit me.
{Photos by Savannah Tally}
They've had a beautiful relationship in the midst of difficult circumstances
And are so very deserving of this even more beautiful reward.
In a lot of ways I still see my brother as the kid I played with during childhood.
The one who would scramble onto the tabletop and belt the Barney song,
The one who played Star Wars with me,
(He was Luke, my name was Sister, Darth Vader was our father, and yet we weren't related? Also, in the end Storm Troopers are just misunderstood, so give them a break, 'kay?)
Splashed through mud puddles and got it all over the side of the house 
(And also got in a fantastic heap of trouble for it).
We played Legos, 
Threw wads of paper at each other during school,
And boarded in the ocean during the Summer.
He loved Davey Crockett, 
And would dance with me to Aaron Copland and The Nutcracker.
{Photo by Cydney Craft}
He's got a different dance partner these days.
(Note: The Tallys are friends with a DJ who stores his equipment in their empty barn,
The results of which are some pretty epic dance parties, as seen above. 
I really do know some wonderful people.)
They listen to Iron and Wine, 
Go to The Head and The Heart concerts,
Raise chickens, 
Have coffee dates at the Flying M,
Go backpacking,
And fly fishing,
And make it all look so darn classy.
It should also be noted that they are a very,
Adorable couple.
{Photo by Savannah Tally}
Sophie is a funny,
Lovely Lady.
We've had many grand adventures getting coffee,
Searching for yarn shops, 
(She actually works in one!)
And going to art exhibits.
I am so excited for August 18.
{Photo by me}
I'm honoured to have been asked to be a bridesmaid with her two sisters.
I get to stand up with the couple as they exchange their vows,
And see two become one.
(The bridesmaids) 
Are wearing adorably mismatched dresses,
And I'm absolutely in love with the simple, knee-length, peachy-coral lace loveliness that is mine.
I love my brother and Sophie,
And there are few things I'm looking forward to more than the upcoming wedding day.


Sophie said...

Gosh, I had to read this post twice it's so sweet! I'm so glad I get to join the Doolittle Family! Love you!


d82151d0-e8cc-11e1-b5c3-000bcdca4d7a said...

Oh my goodness so sweet! I'm adoring your dress. I would absolutely love to know where you found this! My girlfriend is getting married in October and she wants us to do the same thing!! Cassie_10@msn.com