July 9, 2012


Why do people have to gossip?
Why can't they just let you make a decision and,
Instead of telling you how stupid they think it is,
(Or worse: talk about it with others behind your back)
Just let you be; 
Accept the fact that this is where the Lord is leading you, 
And that it is really neither their place nor their business to be negative and opinionated about it.
If I feel God's leading me to a certain college,
A certain career path,
A certain direction;
If I have prayed and agonized over what to do, 
And this appears to be the answer,
Then the last thing I want to hear
(Or, again, worse: overhear)
Is negativity about it.
It's hurtful,
And as an already confused and nervous individual it only makes me dissatisfied with what seems to be God's leading. 
There's nothing quite like having family members hold conversations about your "poor decisions,"
Speak in scoffing tones about the improbabilities,
And blame it on my age. 
There's nothing quite like being gossiped about behind your back while you can hear the conversation.
If you don't support a person's decisions,
Don't you think the obvious course of action would be prayer?
Perhaps telling them personally of your worries?
Apparently, the answer is what the Bible refers to as "Slander". 
 People of the 'verse:
Don't gossip,
Don't ridicule,
And don't doubt:
Someone will inevitably end up hurt.


iAmPainter said...

Yes.. with some of the decisions I have made in my life I have had these results, even though I believe them to be the right decisions and these same things happen.. if you don't do "what is expected" you will always have negative feedback.. Family and friends will turn their back on you, will cut you from important things, like weddings, holidays, and get together's. It's a hard road, and not for the faint of heart.

Brianne Danae Long said...

Ahh, Grace! :'/ Praying for you.

Amy said...

Some of that goes with the territory on this earth, I'm afraid. But as you said in your post, you're the one agonizing over the decisions, no one else can completely understand your reasoning. As you know, God is the one you need to please. Everyone else who is important will come around. And if you know you're putting God first, that will give you the confidence to deal with naysayers. I think you are an amazing and rare lady!