June 8, 2012


I am currently
My middle name, Anne, was given to me in honour of Anne Shirley,
And, accordingly, we have a lot in common.
These stories have always held a special place in my heart.
The movies are fantastic (and hilarious) too!

*Listening to*
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 
My latest composer crush, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is probably best known for his "Flight Of The Bumblebee (From Tale of the Tsar Saltan).
However, my favourite is his Scheherazade, specifically the violin solo theme that makes many appearances throughout. It's absolutely lovely, and I like to imagine it sounds like what it would be to navigate oneself via a small ship on wide rivers and streams.
Princess Grey Tea.
It's your normal Earl Grey with lavender and rose petals thrown in.
Absolutely delightful!
Psalm 63
My favourite verse is number seven:
"Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of they wings will I rejoice."
I like to imagine how comforting it would feel to be standing under the protection and shade of God's wings 
-What it does feel like- 
And it is a comfort that words cannot very well describe.
I don't really like to post a lot of self portraits 
(Because I look...funny.)
But today I decided to try the straight across look with my bangs.
And, of course, my new favourite cardigan
(Which, ironically enough, I did not knit myself).
My camera has decided to go on holiday
(Or at least I assume so because I can't seem to find it)
And I'm stuck with my 'lil old webcam...again.
(See what I mean by funny? My eyes are puffy because I decided to try applying makeup today, and then promptly decided to take it off.  And you really can't see the cardigan. Humbug.)
A new cardigan 
(Of course)
{The above two images found and used courtesy of Ravelry.com}
I'm rather excited about this one. 
It's simple enough that I can knit without thinking about it,
And with just enough lace detailing to keep it interesting as I go.
(I have an abhorrence of  boring cardigans).
Key-lime toasted meringue cupcakes
(Not my picture. Sadly.)
And hummus.
I'm trying to perfect a roasted red pepper and garlic flavour, but I've run out of tahini so the experimentations  have been called off for now.
(This isn't my picture either. And it's making me hungry.)
New York.
I feel as if I was an entirely different person there,
A more real and learning me.
As if I didn't walk the streets,
Drink in the sights,
Wonder at the busyness,
Read poetry on the sun-drenched steps of cathedrals,
Sketch in the parks,
Take pictures of the world around me.
As if I were merely borrowing the body of someone else, 
Existing and breathing for those precious few months,
Learning to all the more love God, pray earnestly, trust blindly, and live fully.
I would give my left big toe
(Not the right, I'm rather fond of it)
To go back right now.
What are you currently up to?


Pooka said...

Ha, i'm going through the Anne books again too. I found Rilla of Ingleside at a thrift store the other day and bought it because we don't have it. Some people i've talked to don't like the fact that L.M. takes up space with so many flowery descriptions, but i thrive on descriptions. She's good at them anyway. ^_^

Grace Doolittle said...

Oh she is! I don't think they "take up space" I think they make the books! She describes things well, and (unlike some of Charles Dicken's descriptions) it never feels ever-so-slightly monotone...

Kaley Grace said...

Agreeeed. L. M. Montegomery will never cease to wonder and excite me. I go back and read Anne and Emily whenever I just need a good dose of beautiful inspiration <3

Grace Anne, I just love you and all the stuff you're up to. Those cupcakes look luscious. And Psalm 63 is one of my favorites. I'm memorizing Romans 5:1-5 right now :-)