June 6, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Library...

A funny thing happened on the way to the library...
Two black rabbits-
Fugitives, perhaps?-
Treading their careful ways across a lawn, 
Dark noses twitching,
Ebony ears like twin spires among the green blades.
I wonder where they're going?
What is it they feel is worth the risk of escaping for?
Who are they running from?
A squirrel,
Running quickly
(Perhaps he is late)
Stopped by a bird.
Old friends,
They sit and chat,
All other appointments and destinations quite forgotten.
It is a fine day here in Wonderland. 
Waiting for the bus that never comes.
Do you ever wonder,
Walking near a road,
Where the people rushing past are going?
What appointments,
What destinations, 
What hurts,
What joys,
What hopes,
What disappointments they will meet?
If they knew what lay ahead, would they drive so quickly?
Or perhaps go faster?
Do any of them see and wonder about you?
How many people a day to we see but never consider?
A hundred thousand glimmers of light in the night,
Even more groping in utter darkness.
How many lost souls do we overlook?
How bright is your light?
"Look up, you'll miss me if you blink twice."- Adam Young
The shack.
I wonder what's in there.
Every time I pass I venture a new guess.
An ogre,
A troll,
A portal to a different dimension,
Put your ear to the door;
What do you hear?
The gentle hum, clank, whir of machinery?
Or the guttural breathing of a beast in chains?
"Eat, sleep, ski."
The dusty dirt paths make way to hard concrete roads,
The wild, sparse shrubs grow over the sidewalk, between the cracks.
Lampposts dot the scene, and you can see where civilization ends,
And abandoned attempts of it begin.
Welcome to Outer Suburbia...
...Anything can happen here.
At the library, 
Stacking books onto the counter,
Tomes on every topic,
Volumes of various subjects;
Prince Edward Island,
Dickinson, Cummings, Bryant.
The librarian says 
"You have quite the collection there:
Your mind must be full of nothing but words!"
My mind is full of so much more.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to you do with your one wild and precious life?"- Mary Oliver
(All photos taken on my itty-bitty mobile phone, which, I hope, explains and condones for the poor quality and size.)


Brianna Renee said...

Love this. Beautiful thoughts!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Grace, you are talented beyond words my friend.

Grace Doolittle said...

Ack, you guys are too nice! But thank you!