June 3, 2012


Being a bit of an explorer
(Both of the worlds intellectual and tangible)
I find myself constantly making new and interesting discoveries.
About life,
About history,
About Christ,
About people,
About words,
About art...
Some of my latest and favourite discoveries are as follows.
1. I like terrariums. 
A lot. 
I've recently made three.
(Yes, that is a duck. I decided the terrarium wasn't complete without a duck. His name is Reginald.)
As you can see, they aren't "closed lid" terrariums. 
I decided to try my hand at open air types 
(i.e. See whether or not I end up killing them)
Before I move onto something a bit more challenging.

2. I've been discovering the basis for the rivalry between England and France, or more specifically about Richard Lionheart, his father, mother, brother, friends.
This book is marvelously insightful, and the author (Mary McAuliffe) writes the non-fiction as if it were a captivating novel.
Yes, I'm a history nerd.
Don't judge.

3. Feist is great live. 
But even better was her opening band, Mountain Man.
Like a female, three-person alternative to Fleet Foxes, I simply couldn't believe their artful (and well- pitched, I should add) harmonies and tunes. 
They only have a few songs on their album, but you should check 'em out.

4. I've discovered how blueberries are grown.
They are grown mostly on vertical plants, although "prostrate" shrubs do exist, and have larger, round leaves.
The blueberries grow in clusters towards the top or on individual stems to the sides. 
Cyanococcus is the species most commonly grown for eating, but wild blueberries are usually much larger.
They are grown predominantly in North America, and prefer moister, humid climates. 
Maine is known for its blueberries almost as much as it is for its lobster.
I doubt that any of you truly care about any of this, but I've always wondered about blueberries, and it feels rather nice to finally know.

5. I love to make things
Oh wait, I already knew this.
It amazes me how somethings as simple as fabric scraps and bits of thread, or string and two sticks can become useful, beautiful objects.
Well, in the case of this cloud mobile, hardly useful.
Because I really have no idea what to do with this. 
It's just really cute.

6. Allan and Janet Ahlberg are brilliant.
I was recently introduced to The Ha Ha Bonk Book, and it's one of my new favourite children's books.
It's essentially a book of jokes, but I think it's much more delightful. 
Everything from the whimsical drawings to the chapter introductions is enough to make even a troll smile.
I plan on sojourning to the library tomorrow to check out every single one of the books by this author.
I have a special place in my heart for children's books, although I never read many of them myself growing up.
(I was more interested in the "Big Kid" chapter books and stories like Secret Garden to be bothered with the "Baby" picture books).
There are few things I love more than fantastic illustrations and a little whimsy.
There's something so innocent and wonderful about good children's literature;
If I ever have children I am going to have a hoard of good picture books for them.
And if I don't have children, I'll share the books with my cats.

7. My newest telly addiction is Once Upon A Time.
Fairy tale characters cursed, unawares, to live in our world? 
Spells to be broken?
Evil queens and poison apples?
What's not to love!

8. I'm discovering even more the depths of God's grace if I merely trust Him.
More specifically, to trust His timing. 
Even more specifically to trust His timing in everything
Including my some-day love story.
Which is hard.
Because I'm far from patient, and I feel like I have this wonderful, hopeful, opportunity staring me in the face, and "so much could happen if I make it."
The problem being that it's not for me to make anything happen, it's up to God, and I need to trust that His time is best.
This includes college plans and work as well.
I should be falling deeper in love with Christ than with any one man on this earth until the time comes when I know God has my Intended in front of me.
I had a chance to do this in the past, and ended up making the wrong choice, landing me in a relationship that was neither good for me, nor what God wanted for me.
This isn't to say God didn't have some very good lessons for me to learn through it, 
(And boy did I learn my lesson)
Just that it wasn't what-or who- He had intended for me.
(Note: If  there's ever a chance that the boy you like is going to up and decide he's an atheist at some point during the relationship, don't even think about getting involved, fantastic musical taste or not. If you aren't 100% certain about his how firm his Christianity is, it's probably a sign that he's not the one God has for you.)
I want to be so wrapped up in Christ, my eyes set on Him alone, 
Not distracted by the world (including boys) around me,
That I'm taken by surprise when I find that Someone God is preparing me for, and has prepared for me, is standing right before my eyes.
But to do this, I need to trust.
And wait.
(Does this make me "The Girl Who Waited?" Because if I get a Time Lord out of the deal, I'll wait forever!)
(Notice, "I discovered I am a nerd" does not apply here, because I already knew that.)

9. There are turtles at my little duck pond.
Three of them, to be exact.
And I've named them.
and Thoreau.
I don't know why, the "Th" thing just fits.
And I decided that neither of the turtles seemed even remotely girly, so they must be a band of brothers.

10. I'm discovering that Summer joy is comprised of sensations, not things.
It's the smell of sunscreen, wet grass, neighborhood barbecues.
It's the taste of Otterpops, watermelon, and hamburgers (not together, of course).
It's the sensation of the sun's rays as they kiss your face, the icy slap of water as you jump into a cool lake.
It's the chirrup of crickets, or the delighted chatter of children in the street, sounds you can hear through your open bedroom windows.
I'm so excited for this Summer. 
I was in such a bad state last year and I can only remember small fragments of it.
It's as if I missed out on an entire year of my life.
So this year I'm simply going to make up for it.
What about you, my fellow explorers?
The people who lay awake in the middle of the night, 
mind still working like a machine, 
Who wonder suddenly about some such subject and hop out of bed to have their questions answered.
Those of you who get raised eyebrows from the librarians as you check out ten books, each on completely different topics.
What are some of your latest discoveries?

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Sarah Michelle said...

I love Once Upon A Time! I'm so glad that they are bringing it back for season 2! And I love what you said about trusting God. It is most definitely not an easy thing to do, but the rewards are well worth it. :)