June 25, 2012

Make A Wish

Today is a day of wishing,
A day of things that aren't, 
Things that might,
And things that cannot.
I wish I were in Seattle.
{Taken by Brianne, edited by me}
I know: this is a very random thought.
But it's true.
I wish I were in Seattle.
I wish I were in Seattle, at a small coffee shop, writing meaningless poetry and watching the rain fall.
Or perhaps wandering Pike's Place market, buying some fish for dinner.
I always feel this way when I listen to this song.
I think it has to do with the fact that it was my favourite tune last time I visited: I swear, I listened to it a hundred times a day, and it was never more fitting than when we were gliding on a massive ferry across the waters of  Elliot Bay to reach the heart of the city.
And right now, hot and dry outside, I wish I were in the cold, wet, familiarity of an northern ocean town. 
I wish I could take a giant hook, cast it into the sea, and tie the other end around my waist.
That way, no matter where I went, I could drag a portion of the ocean behind me wherever I go. 
I wish life had a undo/redo button, a giant eraser, and a copy and paste.
I wish my wanderlust affected only my physical, temporal being. 
Instead, it seeps through the cracks and affects the way I walk with Christ. 
Instead of constantly clinging to Him, I often look up to find that I've instead moved so far away. 
I wish that I trusted Him as implicitly as I should, as I even desire to.
This is one of those wishes that can be a reality.
It's one of those things that requires action, although not entirely of myself.
Two weeks ago during a sermon, our pastor said something that I know to be true, and is something I should like to never forget. He was speaking on our need for Christ, and how little we can do without him. 
"We will never reach a point at which we can be independent of God: we are in a state of constant desperation, and only God can fulfill and bring peace."
I might feel I'm doing well, but it's never long before Christ lovingly opens my eyes to the fact that I'm becoming more "self-reliant," and it's usually about the time that I begin to struggle more with the eating disorder, stress, and people.
It's His way of showing me that I need to run back to Him to bear the load, because it's a load that I can't even begin to carry.
(Whew! End of passionate speech.)
I wish we could travel from place to place with just the snap of our fingers.
Can you imagine baking a pie for someone across the country, snapping your finger, and being able to knock on their door and share it with them still warm?
Or perhaps you're missing your grandmother in California, or should like to make it to a showing of Mary Poppins on Broadway. 
No problem! 
Just *snap* and you're there
(well dressed, of course)!
I wish it were December.
This is really sad, I know, but I have my reasons.
Reason number one.
Brianne and Ryan's wedding.
This is awesomeness, and makes December entirely worth being excited for in and of itself.
But is that all?
Les Miserables 
(The musical turned film!!)
Will be out that month!!
*Commence running around and shrieking in excitement*
If you haven't seen the trailer, you really are in desperate need of it.
And if you have, well, you obviously aren't excited enough about it, so let's geek out some more together.
Every time I watch that trailer I have a heart attack and want to cry tears of excited, frustrated joy!
I may not last until Christmas.
Heavens only knows what they mean by "Christmas".
It could be Christmas Day, it could that week, it could just be during the Christmas season...
Either way, I'm very excited.
I'm going to take my little old self on a date that night
(Because I don't know of anyone as musically obsessed as I who would go see it with me)
And I'm going to sing raucously along with every word.
And because it will probably be the midnight premier, everyone else in the crowd will probably be musical nerds too, and will probably be singing along as well. 
I haven't been this excited about something since the last season of Dr. Who.
I wish I were eating blueberry scones and drinking tea.

I think I'm going to defer my wishes for now and go and bake some!

June 23, 2012

Let's Make Nineteen A Good One

I like to think I've been given a second chance.
Not only at life, 
But at so much more.
Last year
-What is usually thought of by a graduate as their last Summer to be a kid-
Is something I only remember in small bits and pieces
With a giant hazy fog in between.
It's a series of puzzle pieces that simply do not connect.
Yet God is good, and I have one last Summer before I truly do march off to college.
One last Summer to do all the things I wish I could have last year.
I don't remember eighteen,
But so far I've striving to make nineteen a good one,
So far,
It has been.
The highlight the past few months has been having Brianne home safely,
An event that has led to many outings and much fun.
There are few things more enjoyable than roaring 
(Well, as "roaring" as one can get in a little white Ford Focus named Phil)
Through town,
Windows down,
Singing raucously along with Regina Spektor, Mindy Gledhill, Temper Trap, and Passion Pit. 
Last week, whilst gypsying around Boise, we stumbled across a classic car show.
Brianne was especially fond of one vintage, red lorry, but was too afraid of smudging it's gloriously shiny coat to lean up against it and pose.
Favourite hangout: 
The Java.
"Wake Up and Live"
The inside is decorated in crazy collision of wrought-iron chandeliers, 
Andy Warhol Prints,
Comfy armchairs, wooden tables,
And this sweet retro bike.
That I might have to steal.
And paint bright turquoise. 
A sweet, coppery puppy we couldn't help but stop and pet.
We hit up the dollar theater and caught a viewing of Mirror Mirror.
Not the greatest film, but it has plenty of endearing qualities, among them being the seven dwarves, and an especially artistic scene involving giant evil marionettes.
And what better way to end the day than with pizza from Pie Hole?
Brianne decided it would be fun to nab the camera and take some candid shots.
So I returned the favor.
Isn't she purty?
I can't believe in a year from now she's going to be married and settled safely in Wyoming!
Aaaand then she tried to give a demonstration on how to take "eye shots."
I used to think that God couldn't decide whether to make my eyes brown or blue, so he chose a little of both.
I am absolutely ecstatic for the coming months.
I'm determined to make this a Summer to remember.

June 22, 2012

Fiddle Fun

Yesterday a group of friends and I,
Spread out in two cars,
Musical instruments in tow,
Set off for the National Oldtime Fiddle Festival in Weiser, Idaho.
The last and first time we went was in 2010, a small handful of good friends in search of an even better time.
Look how far we've come.
It was a hot, muggy day,
The air was filled with the twang and hum of a hundred fiddlers warming up, 
Small groups of wandering musicians in casual jam sessions,
Old timers and their friends plucking strings and discussing "The Good 'Ol Days".
Our last sojourn into Weiser for the same festival holds so many memories near and dear to me, that I was  afraid this time would pale in comparison.
However, much fun was had by all.
The gang.
{Brianne was taking the picture}
My latest obsession: writing verses on my arm to aid in memorization. 
This however, reads "Strength from Hope/Hope from Strength." 
The Bible often describes Christ as both.
We wandered the Weiser Museum.
For such a small town, they have a surprisingly interesting display of history, complete with a whole floor devoted to, I'm not sure why, the holocaust.
And, to add to the frightening morbidity, they had a Victorian era (Awesome!) pram with an extremely creepy baby doll (Not some awesome).
{Photo taken by Laura, edited by me}
However, they also have lots of less frightening pieces of historical delight on display.
For example, this random jar of drained eggs.
This is Grace Sterling's "Connivering conniving" face. 
Of course, one of the best parts of a Fiddle Festival is, in fact, the fiddling.
My beloved and I.
And yes, I do resemble a duck here. 
I'm okay with that.
{Photo taken by Laura, edited by me}
The carnival was disappointingly small, aggravatingly expensive, and exasperatingly tame in the area of roller coasters, so Brianne and I satisfied our need for fun by getting our faces painted.
{Photo taken by Laura, edited by me}
Brianne's by the name of Swift, was all fierce, feline beauty.
I feel mine suited me as well.
After getting back to the Sterling's house, we decided that the best way to top off the evening would be to eat breakfast burritos (for dinner), 
Watch The Secret World of Arrietty, 
And, of course, wear stickers on our noses.
We decided that we aren't going to be the people who get boring when they are thirty-five.
We'll just always be the stickers-on-your-nose type, and there's no helping that.
Not that we mind terribly.
It was a fantastic, full, fun day.
I am so blessed to know the people I do, and am rich in the friendships I have been given.
I wouldn't give these people up for anything. 

June 18, 2012

Music Monday: The Boys In The Band

Although I'm not officially a part of the serial known as Music Monday,
I figured it couldn't hurt to post some of my latest favourite tunes.
I have a wide and varying taste when it comes to music:
I'm passionately in love with Classical/Romantic,
Exceedingly fond of folk, folk rock, and the style referred to as "Appalachian" (Think Fleet Foxes),
I'm a big listener to indie and indie rock,
I have a great collection of Big Band Swing era tunes,
I love Opera and choral,
I adore lyrical and showtunes,
And I can't get enough of (well-written, well-sung, non-mainstream) pop.
However, I've had a bit of a focused listening this past week or so.

*Tokyo Police Club*
(Yes, that's me up there. Yes I have a band shirt. No, I'm not a crazy fangirl.)
Although they are more rock than pop, I really enjoy their music:
They are very Canadian.
Wait Up and Gone are probably my two favourite songs.
The way they blend their beats and instrumentation is fantastic.

The above song, Go Do, is probably one of my all-time favourite pieces of music.
As the former frontman for the band Sigur Ros, Jonsi has a penchant for organic sound (nothing digitally produced), blending Icelandic and English in a confusing and near untranslatable lyric, and  wearing lots and lots of feathers. 
However, the music is stunning, and I'm always left enthralled at the man's capabilities as well as choice of headgear. 

*Regina Spektor*
{Image via Pitchfork
Although I'm obsessively fond of Regina, I'm still not sure what I think of her newest album.
I'm highly enjoying it, I'm just not sure that I like  it as much as her previous works.
That being said, I really don't think albums are for comparison: each one is a work in and of itself- like a person- and should be judged and loved as such. Some have personalities you don't agree with quite as much, some are acquaintances, and some soon are fast friends. However, I think What We Saw From The Cheap Seats and I will get along just fine.

*Josh Garrels* 
{Image via Bandcamp}
Indie folk rock Christian music riddled with gorgeous melodies, and stunning, moving lyrics.
I have a hard time finding Christ-focused and God-honouring music that is neither absolutely mainstream, nor featuring unimaginative lyrics that spend more time explaining how the singer feels about worship and what it does for him than actually worshiping.
The music of Josh Garrels transcends the norm, and has brought me to tears on more than one occasion with lyrics that point me back to Christ with clarity and beauty.
This is my favourite album, and- you lucky people- it's available free on his Bandcamp page!
The best tunes- in my humble opinion- are White Owl, Farther Along, and The Resistance (A song that features some white-man-folk rap. Yee-haw!). 

*Welkin Roar*
(Or at least that's the band name for now).
A friend of my best friend is a songwriter, and Brianne was nice enough to pass along some of his songs to me in recent months. I'm not sure if you would call it Contemporary Christian, rap, pop, or all of the above, but it is unique, and I really, really like it.
The gentleman-by the name of Thaddeus- who writes and performs it comes up with some God-centered lyrics, fantastic rhymes, and catchy, well-constructed tunes.
And I'm sorry to be snarky, but it's not something you're going to be able to find online.
(I just reached new heights of obscurity in the bands that I listen to!)
My favourite song so far is one he wrote for Brianne and her fiancee Ryan 
(Or so I believe),
And makes mention of some of my favourite things, including record players, vintage bikes, tea, and-most importantly- a Darth Vader mug. 
Be jealous.
Be very jealous.

What are you listening to?

June 17, 2012

Sunday Somethings

Oh dear.
I think I'm in love with my new blog design!
I asked Brianne 
(AKA "Petey", "Breezey", "Lady", or "Awesome-sauce")
If she could play around with the design, using her mad skills and knack for tasteful colour combinations and aesthetic juxtaposition, and she in turn surprised me with more than I could ever have asked for.
It was a pleasant surprise to open my blog today and discover how shiny-new and pretty it looked!
Today is composed of a lot of nothings that make up a small bit of somethings 
(But only when melted down, stirred together, and then baked at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes, until golden brown on top.)
Today has been a good (albeit short) day so far.
Last night was spent with my soon-to-be Sister-In-Law, Sophie, addressing wedding invites and eating fondue.
(The term fondue being used loosely here: it was more like an episode of "Let's see how many different things we can dip in melted chocolate." Definitely a delicious game.)
Sunday is my favourite day of the week. 
The larger portion of it is spent in church, worshiping God and learning more about His word.
The other portion is spent in quiet, tranquil relaxation and reflection.
It is a day for books,
And  music. 
So, accordingly, here are some of my favourite lazy-day, starry-eyed reflection songs to muse by.
On a Sunday.
Much like today.
(Playlist.com is being a meanie and has stopped permitting playlist embedding, which means no more nifty auto plays on blogs and such: to hear the tunes you must follow the link.)
Here's to hoping you enjoy your Sunday,
Give a big 'ol hug to your earthly dad,
And give prayers of thanks and praise to your Heavenly One. 

June 14, 2012

Pardon My Dust

Forgive the general scatteredness and changeability around here:
The lovely and talented Brianne is redesigning and refocusing my look,
And I must say she is doing a fabulous job of it. 
So pardon my dust,
And continue to read!

June 8, 2012


I am currently
My middle name, Anne, was given to me in honour of Anne Shirley,
And, accordingly, we have a lot in common.
These stories have always held a special place in my heart.
The movies are fantastic (and hilarious) too!

*Listening to*
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 
My latest composer crush, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov is probably best known for his "Flight Of The Bumblebee (From Tale of the Tsar Saltan).
However, my favourite is his Scheherazade, specifically the violin solo theme that makes many appearances throughout. It's absolutely lovely, and I like to imagine it sounds like what it would be to navigate oneself via a small ship on wide rivers and streams.
Princess Grey Tea.
It's your normal Earl Grey with lavender and rose petals thrown in.
Absolutely delightful!
Psalm 63
My favourite verse is number seven:
"Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of they wings will I rejoice."
I like to imagine how comforting it would feel to be standing under the protection and shade of God's wings 
-What it does feel like- 
And it is a comfort that words cannot very well describe.
I don't really like to post a lot of self portraits 
(Because I look...funny.)
But today I decided to try the straight across look with my bangs.
And, of course, my new favourite cardigan
(Which, ironically enough, I did not knit myself).
My camera has decided to go on holiday
(Or at least I assume so because I can't seem to find it)
And I'm stuck with my 'lil old webcam...again.
(See what I mean by funny? My eyes are puffy because I decided to try applying makeup today, and then promptly decided to take it off.  And you really can't see the cardigan. Humbug.)
A new cardigan 
(Of course)
{The above two images found and used courtesy of Ravelry.com}
I'm rather excited about this one. 
It's simple enough that I can knit without thinking about it,
And with just enough lace detailing to keep it interesting as I go.
(I have an abhorrence of  boring cardigans).
Key-lime toasted meringue cupcakes
(Not my picture. Sadly.)
And hummus.
I'm trying to perfect a roasted red pepper and garlic flavour, but I've run out of tahini so the experimentations  have been called off for now.
(This isn't my picture either. And it's making me hungry.)
New York.
I feel as if I was an entirely different person there,
A more real and learning me.
As if I didn't walk the streets,
Drink in the sights,
Wonder at the busyness,
Read poetry on the sun-drenched steps of cathedrals,
Sketch in the parks,
Take pictures of the world around me.
As if I were merely borrowing the body of someone else, 
Existing and breathing for those precious few months,
Learning to all the more love God, pray earnestly, trust blindly, and live fully.
I would give my left big toe
(Not the right, I'm rather fond of it)
To go back right now.
What are you currently up to?

June 6, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Library...

A funny thing happened on the way to the library...
Two black rabbits-
Fugitives, perhaps?-
Treading their careful ways across a lawn, 
Dark noses twitching,
Ebony ears like twin spires among the green blades.
I wonder where they're going?
What is it they feel is worth the risk of escaping for?
Who are they running from?
A squirrel,
Running quickly
(Perhaps he is late)
Stopped by a bird.
Old friends,
They sit and chat,
All other appointments and destinations quite forgotten.
It is a fine day here in Wonderland. 
Waiting for the bus that never comes.
Do you ever wonder,
Walking near a road,
Where the people rushing past are going?
What appointments,
What destinations, 
What hurts,
What joys,
What hopes,
What disappointments they will meet?
If they knew what lay ahead, would they drive so quickly?
Or perhaps go faster?
Do any of them see and wonder about you?
How many people a day to we see but never consider?
A hundred thousand glimmers of light in the night,
Even more groping in utter darkness.
How many lost souls do we overlook?
How bright is your light?
"Look up, you'll miss me if you blink twice."- Adam Young
The shack.
I wonder what's in there.
Every time I pass I venture a new guess.
An ogre,
A troll,
A portal to a different dimension,
Put your ear to the door;
What do you hear?
The gentle hum, clank, whir of machinery?
Or the guttural breathing of a beast in chains?
"Eat, sleep, ski."
The dusty dirt paths make way to hard concrete roads,
The wild, sparse shrubs grow over the sidewalk, between the cracks.
Lampposts dot the scene, and you can see where civilization ends,
And abandoned attempts of it begin.
Welcome to Outer Suburbia...
...Anything can happen here.
At the library, 
Stacking books onto the counter,
Tomes on every topic,
Volumes of various subjects;
Prince Edward Island,
Dickinson, Cummings, Bryant.
The librarian says 
"You have quite the collection there:
Your mind must be full of nothing but words!"
My mind is full of so much more.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to you do with your one wild and precious life?"- Mary Oliver
(All photos taken on my itty-bitty mobile phone, which, I hope, explains and condones for the poor quality and size.)