April 9, 2012

The Merry-Go-Round Of Life.

Do you know those days (weeks, months) that you don't necessarily feel like you have a lot to do, just not enough time to do anything in?
Well, I'm feeling a lot like that recently. 
However, I'm not complaining, especially when I compare it to the weeks of maddening stagnation that followed my return from New York last Fall and stretched through to the new year. 
No, I'm enjoying my days of dissipated busyness, even if it does put blogging as the last thing on a surprisingly short list of things to ultimately do. 
I promise to elaborate on my current life and situation soon, but for the mean time, here is a brief summary of what's been going on lately.
I've been working here. A lot.
And showing up at the door at unscheduled times for unscheduled hours doing restock.
I've become a year older...
...Been given some cool earrings to go with it...
...And been enjoying all the fine things this season has to offer. 
Paramount among them being the celebration of Christ's resurrection, and the arrival of many cherry blossoms.
Shenanigans have included driving around singing raucously along with my music, knitting, unraveling, and knitting again things for my nephew, sending off secret, sneaky gifts to my best friend away at college, drinking new kinds of tea, trying on lipstick shades at Macy's, writing and tearing up bits of poetry, completing and submitting my FAFSA, and being asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding. 
Life is full indeed.
And I will be sure to fill you lot in as soon as I feel up to it.
Cheers to you lot, and here's to hoping you enjoy Spring while it lasts!


kimberly said...

I know what FAFSA means, since I've been having to do it myself! ;) Can't wait to hear about how you've been doing! Hugs.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Grace!! I've missed your posts :)

I hope you had a Blessed Easter my friend!

Kaley Grace said...

sounds like a lovely business, Grace dear. YOUR SUNGLASSES. <3

xxx, K