March 19, 2012


First of all, I am probably the greatest ninja blogger ever.
I write posts, I read posts, I stalk blogs, and nobody ever knows about it because I never ever comment.
Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. 
I honestly am not sneaky on purpose.
I read and write posts, read all the comments made on mine and most of the comments made on others', but for some reason I always think "Eh, I'll comment later" or "I'll reply in a bit."
And then I never do.
So I apologize profusely if you think that I'm ignoring you or don't read your blogs and comments: I really do!
I'm just, you know, sneaky.
Anywho, I'm very much getting into the Spring mood of things.
It all started with a recent blog post on the subject.
Then I read some other posts about Spring.
Then I started to hear birds sing outside my window in the morning.
And then I bought a bunch of clothes (finally) for the coming warm weather,
And got rid of all of the old "security blanket" clothes I had left over from the eating disorder, a pile that ended up containing a good 80% of my entire wardrobe.
Then I went to a good friend's tea party,
Bought myself some flowers,
And have done a heavy dose of Spring Cleaning.
(By the way, you know when your younger sister runs up to you saying "Grace, what happened to our room; it smells clean!" that something was long overdue)
Now Spring break is fast approaching, and I am dying for it to get warm enough to where I can do my daily devotionals outside in the morning.
By the way, when it comes to treating oneself, I think the kindest, most special thing one can do is buy oneself some flowers.
I love irises: one of my favourite flowers, and they brighten up my room so splendidly, I wish they would last forever.
In one of our old neighborhoods there was a large house that had an entire row of the most beautiful giant irises planted in the front, and in a stunning array of colours.
All I need is green grass to lay and read in and days of eternal sunshine, and my spring-time happiness will be complete!
What part of Spring are you most looking forward to?


kimberly said...

I can be a bit of a ninga blogger, too! Haha. I love those flowers! A lovely bouquet always makes me happy, so treating myself to one is a big deal. ;)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I think the part that I am most looking forward to is springtime hiking...I love hiking in the springtime!!

Brianne Danae Long said...

So... you should do outfit posts. You work at Plato's Closet, you have good taste, and you have new clothes. Do. It! <3

Grace said...

Look! I'm commenting back! No ninja here!
Thank you Kimberly! Irises fade quickly, so mine are already looking wilted but still pretty none the less.
And I love hikes! Spring is better than Summer because more things are in bloom and it's not as hot.
Brianne...I don't know that I have the gumption to do outfit posts. But I'll think about it...