March 1, 2012

Snow Day

The first day of March,
Following a snow-less Winter,
Warm temperatures, 
And (something I've been noticing more and more this past week) the budding of trees and plants...
We have been given a fantastic snow day!
(No, this is not my house, it's one I found on Pinterest. I only wish it were my house.)
I love it.
 I can't get enough of it.
When I move back to the sea side
(Because I will move back to the sea side)
It will probably be the thing, outside of people, I will miss the most about living in a land-locked area.
What is it about snow days that makes the world seem like a perfect, wonderful place?
That makes you want to stay home, comfortably nestled on the couch, knitting and watching Planet Earth whilst drinking hot chocolate, interrupted by short intervals of out door fun (building a snow man, twirling on the icy-encrusted road, eating the fresh powder)?
There's something so very calm and quiet about a snow-covered world. 
The way the powder lies deep and thick, muffling sounds and thoughts alike,
Setting the world aglow even in the darkness.
Perhaps it's the enchantment that comes upon seeing the world as a spotless, perfect plane.
I'm always reminded of how the Lord refers to souls cleansed by His forgiveness as being transformed from filthy darkness to that of a snowy white. 
A perfect, clean, white.
 This Winter has been a very sorry one in terms of white stuff and cold weather: it's been unseasonably warm and severely lacking in snow, especially as compared to last year's seemingly never-ending Winter, something I couldn't enjoy anyway because I was ill and had zero body fat, so I felt like there was cold in my very bones. 

Not a good feeling.
However, I awoke this morning to find the outdoors a white, swirly mess.
One of those snow storms that looks as if God and the Angles are giving heaven a good dusting, and there are a bazillion dust bunnies whirling through the air.
Such thoughts of agitated excitement that occur upon witnessing such a sight!
When can I go outside?
Snow balls!
Spinning on the icy roads!
Hot chocolate!
Imagine my distress upon discovering that there wasn't a single bit of chocolate in the house with which I could make my favourite snow-day beverage!
I promptly decided that I needed to go outside, 
Brush off my little, light-weight Ford Focus,
(A hard battle to win in the still heavily falling stuff)
And drive through the blizzard,
On roads paved with ice,
To the market for some hot chocolate.
I definitely have my priorities straight.
Due to said lack of snow this year, this is my first time actually operating a vehicle through heavily falling snow, and on very icy roads.
And I loved it!
It was slippery and fun, and the way the snowflakes fly at you as you drive looks like you're going lightspeed in Star Wars. 
It's even better if you'r listening to Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner.
However, the snow has nearly melted for the day, and what was earlier a white paradise now looks like this...
(This is the view from my house. My bedroom window, in fact.)
Sad day! 
Although now I can get myself to work on time...
Who else out there loves snow?
Any of my fellow drivers find that they are not, in fact, absolutely terrified of navigating snowy weather as their mothers assured them they would be when the time came to drive through it?
Hoping your day is as wonderful as mine is turning out to be!

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Godsgirlz1 said...

It just snowed a lot where I live too. Like 13 inches! Crazy isn't it?

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