March 7, 2012

One Hundred

(I've always wondered, how do you do that? It makes such an awesome picture!) 
Today is a most auspicious of days.
I logged on yesterday morning to discover that I have officially hit one hundred followers!
*Throws confetti, blows horn*
Honestly, though, I never ever thought I would hit triple-digits when it came to having listed followers. 
I was ridiculously excited the day I hit five 
(Still am, to tell the truth!).
Throughout all of my posts, and especially the last year, I can never forget how you all offered up prayers and encouragement when I was going through some very dark and hard times: I was probably the only person on the ED unit in New York who, when asked who she considered to be on her support team, included her blog-pals. 
You lot really know how to make a girl feel loved, and I pray and thank God for you ever day!
 I was grooming Pinterest, looking for some fun pictures to use for my post, but all I could come up with were diet and exercise plans, pins of $100 shoes and dresses, and a few random sayings.
We Heart It wasn't very helpful either (and I usually only go there as a last resort: the number of nasty pictures they have is enough to make anyone blush). 
I was running through my own many personal computer files of random things I find awesome, when I stumbled across a favourite video of mine. 
Ironically enough, it does have a one hundred theme!
Isn't that wonderful?
Well, I haven't all decided what I should do to celebrate (Probably stop rambling and leave you all in peace would be the best answer), but knowing me I'll probably just end up sketching at the duck pond like I do most days.
So much for celebration.
Thank you, all you wonderful people, for being willing to stick around and read the random stuff I put up here!


monique's mess said...

One hundred congratulations on your blog reaching one hundred.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Just discovered this blog...I LOVE IT! Keep up the amazing work and I hope you don't mind if I add to that list of followers :) feel fre to follow mine as well!