February 21, 2012

What If?

What if...
Raindrops were different colours, and it rained a rainbow of hues?
Everyone would love rainy days, and the world would be bathed in endless colour.
What if everyone spoke in meter and rhyme, and when feeling extreme emotion our meter and rhyme turned to song?
Every confession of love would be a sonnet set to an entirely new, never-before-heard melody dedicated entirely to one person.
Everyone would know who they were supposed to love and marry by the perfectly matched harmony, the echoed rhymes of the other.
What if...
We bought things with books instead of money? The written word instead of coins.
Literacy would be so much more the valued, and hundreds of thousands of people- anyone who can hold a pen or think or write words- would discover that they held within their minds a far greater store of riches than can ever be numbered.
What if...
Musical instruments were a part of you? Closer to you than your best of friends and more dear to you than anything else? What if it were, perhaps, your heart?
Can you imagine the music we would hear? 
The feeling and depth of meaning expressed in song?
What if...
Time were a person?
Who would love him?
Who would hate him?
How would we treat him?
What if a piece of knitting were a song?
Each stitch representing a note,
Each row a line of music.
I suppose a cabled piece would be Baroque style, stockinette and garter stitch would be Classical, Fair Isle the Romantic period, and seed or moss stitch would be the Modern/A-tonal style.
Ribbing would be blocked chords, knit-two-togethers would be things like seconds and thirds, slipped stitches would be trills, dropped stitches a jump in octave.
What if everyone knew Christ as their Saviour?
There would still be sin, nobody would be anywhere near perfect, but we could all strive together towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
There would be so much encouragement.
We could speak of Jesus openly and no one would yell at you for offending them.
The world would be a far different place.
What if everyone rode unicycles instead of driving cars?
We'd all have a fantastic sense of balance and very strong leg muscles.
What if...
Our curiosity was, in fact, an animal or pet.
There would be so many varieties and sizes?
Some would be strange monsters, perhaps some would resemble cats.
How many people wouldn't have one?
What if everyone knew how to dance?
Everyone could waltz,
Do the minuet, 
Had two right feet?
I would be very well pleased, and wouldn't have to waltz by myself anymore.
In the end, I'm just a dizzy dreamer.


Grace Nation said...

Grace, this post has truly uplifted my day! Complete marvelous, "What If" is going in my favorite poems folder! I loved all your comparisons - especially relating a piece of knitting to a song. It's so creative, LOVE IT :D
I hope your having a wonderful day,
~Grace Nation~

Brianne said...

Sigh... beautiful thoughts. I think I'll pretend this things are all true, at LEAST for the rest of the day. You posted this at eleven eleven am... did you make a wish? This post must have been your wish, yes?

Love from Dunbar. <3

Amanda said...

Wow! Beautiful! I love the part about using books instead of money, I would be rich if that were true.

Well, if you think about it, I am rich with all that learning and adventure at my fingertips!

Great post, you really made me think!

Victoria said...

That was beautiful. Just what I needed, Grace, than you. :)

Madison said...

This is so beautiful. You are by far my favorite blogger to read. :) Your thoughts are always so whimsical and beautiful.

Abi said...

I love this post, its so beautiful. :)
Great blog!

Shaylynn said...

LOL, I can attest to the strong leg muscles, but riding a unicycle doesn't really improve your sense of balance, I still trip over my own toes as much as I did before learning the unicycle.

But this is a BEAUTIFUL post, so inpsiring... :)