February 14, 2012

Someday My Prince Will Come

Straighten up, everybody, because it's here.
That day of all days, in the midst of cold Winter,
In which every single girl,
No matter how much she claims to despise the day and spurn the idea of love,
Has some small part of her that hopes that perhaps a dozen roses will appear.
Maybe a small note.
A chocolate or two.
(About the latter: even if it's from a family member, it doesn't really matter. Free chocolate is free chocolate).
But the funny thing about this day of love for me is contemplating what love is, what it means, what it has become in today's society.
I have no scruple in announcing that I am very disappointed in the current idea and representation of love.
I know so many people who are in relationships, most of them simply for the sake of having a boyfriend or girlfriend, or because they merely "like" the person they're dating.
Love is painted as a mushy gushy feeling, it is splashed across billboards as sensual, it is displayed incorrectly in movies, it is made into the simple, easily cut-and-paste lyrics of a hundred thousand pop songs that all sound exactly the same.
In today's society, love looks like sex and self gratification.
Perhaps I am coming on a little too strong.
Let me back up and describe what love truly is, at least as I understand it, and then I will let you compare the two.
Love isn't a feeling, love is an action.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"- John 15:13
"Love Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends." - I Corinthians 13: 7-8
 Love is so much more than fairy godmothers and true-love's kiss (although there is certainly a heavy dose of the second going on in there somewhere, just hopefully not publicly displayed and prematurely given).
Let's face it: if Disney's done anything for us it's made us all extremely dissatisfied with boys. And with our hair. Am I right?
To meet your Prince Charming does not require you to kiss a lot of frogs. 
Because let's face it: there are bound to be more frogs than enchanted princes, and it is unfair to both you and your one-day Prince for you to go about getting your lips all slimy kissing said frogs in the attempt of finding a hidden Prince. It also isn't fair for the princess for whose kiss that frog will transform.
Please, ladies: save all of your shining purity for someone who truly deserves it.
You have been made for a purpose, and you have been made for a person
Out of respect for myself and the person I will one-day meet an love, I choose not to give little chunks of my life and heart away to boys that mean nothing in the big picture. 
I have this funny little theory.
It's that God has a love story all planned, written, and ready for me. 

In fact, I'm already taking part in it, I just haven't met my Prince Charming yet.
Well, that I know of.
There is a Godly, funny, tea-loving, imaginative, silly, perfect-for-Grace boy out there somewhere, and he is in desperate need of hand knit socks and cardigans, and someone to sing the harmony in songs with him. Or the Soprano. Or the tenor part transposed to a soprano octave. Either or. 
The funniest thing about my admitting the above is that I've spent so long denying that I will ever get married, ever fall in love, ever want to exchange handwritten letters with anyone other than the chummy ones I send to my various pen-pals.
But in the past year I've caved steadily to my inner princess, and finally am ready to admit that I'm really,
But the funny thing is, no matter who this person ends up being, he's never going to be enough. He's never going to be perfect, he's never going to make everything better, and, although he may save me from spiders, will never be able to save my soul.
As it follows, I need to do what every single girl on this earth needs to do before she has met that someone the Lord has designed for her, and designed her for.
And that's to give my heart to the King of Kings, the greatest Lover of my soul.
Someone once said that we all have a God-shaped hole in our hearts, lives, and souls.
A hole that cannot be filled with anything but Christ.
Try as we might to dump things into it, be it material items, other religious beliefs, or ideals, there's only one thing that can truly take up that space and make us whole.
So until the day I meet my Prince and complete my fairy tale, I'm going to wait. I'm going to fill that hole with the only thing that can take the space.
 I'm going to acknowledge that my love story has already started, and I am merely in the phase all of Disney's most famous leading-ladies seem to find themselves in.
The pre-prince, house-cleaning, evil-enduring, faith-building, life-moulding portion. 
That often ignored, very important part of the story that, had the princess not lived through, probably would have drastically changed both the girl and the ending. 
God is moulding me.
And God is moulding the man (poor soul) who will be stuck with me.
However, man is fallible.
Man can love you, give you roses, and recite poetry to you.
But man will never meet all your expectations (nor should he. Good grief, but we as women have some ridiculously high standards, you know).  
Ladies and gents alike, I hope you'll take a stand with me and pledge to wait for your happily-ever-after, and spend that boring, guy-less portion of your life before it filling up your heart, mind, and soul with the one thing that can truly satisfy it.


Lauren said...

I adore this :) It's funny, our Valentine's Day posts are a bit similar! Haha :D Great minds think alike ;) This was beautifully written, Grace!
~Lauren :)

Victoria said...

Oh, that was lovely! Definitely worth staying up extra late to read. :)

And about Disney giving us super-high expectations about boys and hair, I heartily agree. Still bugs me how in Princess Diaries Mia becomes "pretty" only after her hair is majorly straightened. :p
ANYWAY, thanks for the great post! <3

- Victoria

Sarah Michelle said...

So very true. I like the pictures too! :)

Brianne said...

My goodness, I love you. And so does He, and so will *he*, whomever he may be. <3

Emily Rose said...

Oh Grace, I agree with every single part of this. In fact, I've been feeling very similar lately. I've been feeling like love maybe isn't my cup of tea, and that I don't really want to date until I've found the perfect person (should I fall in love). But I do understand how one can yearn for roses, or a delicious box of chocolate given by an anonymous donor. I've never cared for valentine's day because it seems that if you're single there isn't really a place for you. But perhaps I just haven't found that place yet.:)

kimberly said...

This is just beautiful, Grace! I agree with you wholeheartedly, 100%. Jesus Christ is the only Prince that can give us everlasting love. And the other great thing is that He is writing our love stories for us. We just have to give Him the pen. ;)