February 20, 2012

La Pluie

(In search of a good rainy day picture I ran across this and I couldn't resist posting it. They're storm troopers!)
It is a very overcast, very rainy, very beautiful day.
My poor mother, bless her, has a good deal of trouble keeping all eight of us children separate in her mind, and when I was gleefully skipping about the house this morning, ecstatic about the lack of sunshine, overjoyed with the promise of rain, she looked at me strangely and said "But I thought you hated rain!"
On the contrary, I am the only one of her children, although all of us were born and raised by the sea in a very rainy, very wet climate, who does not loathe rain. 
But I digress.
There is something so peaceful about rainy days, something so comfortable and familiar.
Something that begs for beautiful things: poetry, art, Scripture, tea, music.
And speaking of music, here are some of my favourite pieces to listen to on days such as today.

No rainy day is complete without Clair de Lune (or any Debussy, for that matter).
The second song, by Joanna Newsom, has become my latest obsession. 
I've spent a good chunk of the morning trying to transpose it from harp to piano.
I'm not really all that fantastic or skilled a pianist, so I've no idea the best way to go about doing this outside of either just trying to play it by ear (which I sometimes do) or cheating and transposing it to chords for the guitar, and from there changing it into an arrangement that suits my own taste. I'm better at the latter, which is far easier to do. 
Cheating usually is.
Aside from torturing the family with my musical efforts, I've also been reading T.S. Eliot, drinking my usual copious amounts of tea, and meditating on the truth of Philippians 4:7 and Isaiah 26:3 which read...
"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." 
"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in You."
I love both verses because they are a reminder of the greatest thing that can be found when one runs to Christ: perfect peace and assurance.
It's something that is so rare today, what with all the bustle and noise that surrounds us in today's society and life. And that rarity makes it all the more precious. 
What do you love most about rainy days?


Anna Kristine said...

I love the rain too! I think my favorite things about a rainy day are hearing the sound of rain on the roof or ground outside and getting just enough of a chill to cuddle up with a hot cup of tea and wear a sweater. When I was little I used to love playing outside under our huge Ivy bush as the rain hit the leaf roof above and a few drops made it through to eventually make me soaked. But it was so magical.
So anyhoo...yes, I love the rain too. :)

William J said...

Loving your musical tastes here! Just got that Joanna Newsom album couple of weeks ago, beautiful :). Also really good verses, nothing more beautiful than the words spoken by God.

Grace said...

I love the sound of rain, too Anna! It's a symphony all its own!
I adore Joanna Newsom, even when her singing makes her sound like a squirrel.