February 13, 2012

Fullness of Joy

After going on Pinterest to find some good images for this post,
And after getting lost on Pinterest and spending ten minutes browsing and pinning random things,
I've finally refocused and come back to write this blog post 
(Which, if I'm planning on continuing, I should probably close the Pinterest tab that's still open at the top of my screen).
Now we may continue.
Above you see a picture.
Within that picture is a verse: 
A verse that has become very near, very dear, very important, and very convicting to me.
That's right:
"What is so convicting about Psalm 16:11?" You ask, "It looks like a perfectly straightforward, happy verse to me!"
Ah yes. 
But consider.
"In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures forever more."
Where do you find your joy?
What are you doing, to whom are you speaking, when you consider yourself to be happiest.
What, among all your possessions in this life, gives you the greatest pleasure?
It may be a little bold of me to say so, but I know that my greatest sources of joy and inspiration are not at Christ's side, and the same could probably be said of many of you.
Don't mistake me: I'm not saying that neither I nor you are finding joy in Christ, just that the spot for "Greatest Joy" is probably greatly contested by many things.
I would be a liar to say otherwise of myself.
Think for a moment: can you imagine what fullness of joy is possibly like? 
What are "Pleasures forever more" and what shape or form could it possibly take?
King David knew, and I  imagine that it looks something much like thousands of crowns cast at the beautiful feet of our Heavenly Father, that it feels like praise and adoration being sung to the King of Kings, that is is composed of an eternity spent with Him, free from sin.
Now, I know that such an eternity could be quite far off- only the Lord knows that.
But what I do know is that in the mean time, there is only one place both you and I should be searching for joy before all other possible sources, and it is neither 
Knitting (*cries*),
Or any other earthly thing.
Certainly God has given us these things to give us pleasure and joy, as well as teach us lessons.
But He does not mean for them to be the first thing we look to for comfort, peace, joy, or fulfillment.
And I am heartily ashamed that I ever 
(And I often do)
Let them take His place.
What gives you joy?

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Lauren said...

Wow...you've given me a bit to think about. Honestly, I very rarely anymore run to God when I need comfort and joy...when that's how it should be ALL the time.
Thanks for posting. As I said, you've given me a bit to think about!