January 5, 2012

Winter (A Photo Contest)

Oh dear! 
Two posts in one day?
Only popping in to announce that the lovely Kels at A Ray of Sunshine is hosting a photo contest, and I (being an ardent admirer of both her blog and the contest's subject) am entering it.
The subject is Winter.
And here is my entry.
"Fly away"
P.S. Somebody else please look at these and drool as much as I just did!)



Elisha(: said...

good lucckk!!(:

Kels said...

I adore this picture!! The softness, the converse, the wintery weather, it's all too perfect!! Thanks for entering. :)

Have a lovely day, xxx~Kelsey

Emily Rose said...

What a beautiful photo, Grace! Good luck!:)

Chasity Simmons said...

This photo is soooo awesome! I <3 x 10! :)

Grace said...

Thank you all! It's one of my favourites too (Noooo, really? ;P )!