January 11, 2012

Vroom Vroom

First of all, I want to say a huge,
Thank you to all of you who commented on the last post, and offered encouragement and prayers.
I know I didn't really respond myself, because I wanted to do just one big thank you, complete with a giant hug, right here. I'm amazed and blessed that I can ramble, complain, and vent here, and receive the support and prayers of a group of people I've never met before. 
It reminds me that being a daughter of Christ means you've got a lot of sisters.
I can't express my thanks.
Things today were infinitely better.
It's amazing how something so simple as a driver's license, a car, a tank full of fuel, and a whole day with nothing to do, can make everything in the world seem right.
I absolutely love being able to drive around, go where I want to go when I want to go there, and not have to walk at least two miles one way to do it.
Nothing compares to the elation that comes with turning up your music as loud as you want, sipping a cup of Rooibos vanilla tea, and getting around town with ease and speed (and without your mother in the passenger seat, gripping the handle every time she feels even slightly nervous about your driving).
Right now, I'm zipping around in a 2001 Ford Focus that my sister- who has temporarily moved to Boston- is letting me drive.
It is so much easier to navigate, maneuver, and get around in than the mini van I've been learning and driving in up till now. 
Of course, the real blessing of today wasn't just my being able to leave the house at my leisure, but the fact that I think I may have gotten a job!
My good friend Brianne is currently working at a consignment store known as Plato's Closet, and a few weeks ago I put in an application. While I was selling some clothes to the store today, I asked the manager if he'd seen my application yet, and he sat me down on the spot for an impromptu interview! 
He made it sound like I'm hired, but he didn't say definitely, just that he needed to talk to his wife about the scheduling, followed by a "See you later!" and handshake.
I'm overjoyed!
This is exactly what I've been praying for, not to mention the job that I've really wanted since arriving home!
Hopefully this is God's plan and I will soon be employed and working as much as possible, earning my way to  college tuition. 
In the mean time, I'm going to have to stay calm.
My current plans to achieve this include a lavender bath...
...while reading up on my book club's latest novel...
...and (eventually) some more yoga and deep breathing.
God really has been so good to me, as I know He always will be.
How are the rest of you doing?
As always,


Emily Rose said...

Such a sweet post Grace! I can totally see you driving in a car like the first pic.:) Glad you had a wonderful day!

PS. That last photo is too sweet.:)

Kaley Grace said...

Driving is oh so refreshing <333
Oh, Plato's Closet! Yay!!!

Megan said...

Ooh la la! How fun! Driving gives you a new sense of independence for sure!
Good luck with the job!