January 4, 2012

A Spot of Random

My favorite topic, that wonderful, aromatic, heaven-sent creation:
I don't even need to reiterate to you, my readers, how much I adore tea.
Anyone who has been reading this blog is probably well tired of my obsessiveness by now.
Today was a particularly tea-ish sort of day. 
I was out quite late last night with Brianne and her boyfriend, Ryan, who was in town for a Christmas visit.
Brianne is going to college in a couple of weeks, and as our days for afternoon outings are quite numbered, we've been seizing with eager hands every opportunity to hooliganize the town before the fateful departure date.
I always have a blast with these two- yesterday was comprised of a visit to our favorite downtown coffee joint (The best place in Bosie for Hipster sightings is the Java coffee shop. Enough said), catching an evening viewing of Hugo (which is fantastic! You should definitely go see it if you can), eating gyros, and shopping. I am dreading the day Brianne leaves for Wisconsin.
However, what with all of the excitement and the ensuing night of restlessness and lack of sleep, added to the Winter gloom and chill of the great outdoors,I have been more grateful than usual today for the comfort of a nice, hot, cuppa. 
I am the only person in my family who sees fit to have  tea time every afternoon (However, the way my siblings eat you'd think it's always snack time!).
I somehow unwittingly upped the British factor this afternoon when I watched old Dr. Who (another one of my obsessions) episodes during my usual afternoon repast. 
This picture always makes me laugh.
I was given some yoga supplies for Christmas, and I've decided, as a sort of New Years resolution, to try doing some yoga every day.
I'm three days in and all I (and my muscles) can say is "Owwwww."
But on the bright side, I'm looking forward to knitting a spiffy carrier for my mat, much like this one.
I'm feeling a bit dotty, scatter-brained, and random today, so here's a picture of my lovely alarm clock. Is it not the cutest clock you've ever seen? 
I'm rather proud of it, as you can tell. 
Also, the pond by which I like to sit at the park each day has frozen over and is quite lovely and serene right now. 
Last week there were some chaps wandering across the ice, something I'm not anywhere near brave enough to try. However, on really cold days I'm still tempted to try and skate on it.
Oh dear, I'd better not ever again try and post when I'm this tired and sleep-deprived! 
I hope everyone's week is going splendidly, and the you all are getting enough sleep!


Katy said...

Such a cute post. I love how a simple cup of my favorite tea can brighten my day. It's an awfully cozy drink!

Grace said...

It is! I went through so much tea today, I'll probably be in trouble all night. :P

Anna said...

I love tea ever so much! I recently learned that I might be hypoglycemic which means no caffeine for me...it has been very hard. I'm a hard core black tea drinker. Ah well...rediscovering the world of herbal teas...

Grace said...

Hey, you should absolutely try some decaf black teas, but try to go for the better brands (Twinings is a good one that is available in most markets), because usually the better the brand, the less likely their decaf teas will taste like dirt. Celestial Seasonings has some amazing herbal and non-caffeinated blends too!!

Madison said...

Oh Grace you are so cute. :) And I do love hipster coffee shops and gyros. And cute, old-fashioned looking clocks. And that wonderful British picture. Made me chuckle. You have such an overwhelming abundance of neat pictures!

Emily Rose said...

Hello dear! Would you send me an email when ever is convenient for you? I'd love to touch base!.:)

Anna Kristine said...

I will have to look for some! I love Twinings teas! Though I'm not supposed to drink too much black or green tea even if it is decaf. :P But a little on the weekends can't hurt. ;)