January 23, 2012


It is never a good idea
For someone like me
To try a sleep aid.
Because I usually end up looking like this...
...The entire day after. 
It happens even when I take Benedryl: anything that makes others drowsy is guaranteed to knock me right out and leave me feeling positively drugged the next day.
It's what I refer to as a "sleep hangover", because that's essentially what it feels like.
After one night of crazy, restless, up-all-night-pacing sleeplessness, I decided to take an over-the-counter sleep aid last night, rather than face a second night of waking torture.
I'm so "hung over" from it right now, I'm surprised I'm even writing a blog post: it's going to take a pot of black tea and maybe a nap of two for me to get to lunch at this rate. 
Never, ever, ever take a sleep aid
If you're hoping to do anything at all the day after. 


Anna Kristine said...

I'm the same way! I am so sensitive to medications. I use melatonin, a natural sleeping aid, when I absolutely have to...especially for jet lag when traveling internationally! It doesn't seem to make me feel too bad.
But yes, put the kettle on! :)

Emily Rose said...

You poor dear! Yes, lots of strong tea should do the trick. At least you'll sleep good tonight!:)

kimberly said...

Aw, hope you're feeling less hazy today! I have never tried a sleep aid, but I'm sure it would make me sluggish the next day. I mean, I'm sluggish without it already. ;)

Hope you're doing good, dear!

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