December 3, 2011

Fondue And Fun

Hullo, bloggers! 
I'm sitting here, December 3 (*insert frantic yelp followed by jaw-drop* Time flies!), and pining heavily for snow. 
(Of which their is neither sign nor hope of. But I can dream.)
The days have all been blending together for me for the past ten or so days. 
I'm stuck at home much of the time, and I'm not going to lie, most of the time I feel like I'm going crazy or about to lose it. I'm not allowed to walk around, and I'm working on getting my driver's license, but it's not like I can practice driving when everyone in the house aged twenty-one or older is at work. I've been looking for a job and loafing around the house much of the time, and I'm beginning to feel like a very (very) large animal (elephant?) stuck in an ever-shrinking cage (that was only meant for a dog in the first place). I also feel like all I ever do is eat, which I know isn't true (just the three meals and one snack, and the portions that I'm required to have), but the disorder- and Satan- are taking huge advantage of my present state of handicapped mobility and are messing with my head and emotions more than ever before. Please pray that I get a job or my driver's license soon!
I created a list at the beginning of the week, comprised of fun or useful things I could do during the long daylight hours. I completed the list sometime on Thursday, and have since been on the prowl again. 
I'm relatively sure I'm going to hurt myself if this goes on much longer.
Anyway, the highlight of the week so far was Thursday afternoon: my fabulous, lovely, and much-loved friend, Brianne (To Twirl A Mustache)...
...came by and we went on the town. 
We haven't seen each other since I left in mid-September, so it was a fantastic, fun reunion.
We wound up doing a good dose of shopping at Plato's Closet (where she works), and then running to Downtown Boise for coffee at our favorite coffee-spot, Java, and then eating a delicious, fancy-fied dinner at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. 
(If you've no idea what that's like, imagine a pot of melted cheese at your table, into which you dip bread bits, apple chunks, and veggies). 
It was so yummy! We ate every last bite.
Then we went out to World Market, Barnes and Noble, and the mall (I may or may not have gotten a third ear-piercing while we were there...), and had a fabulous time with it all. 
I loved seeing downtown Bosie (quite a change from Time's Square, what I consider to be "Downtown Manhattan.) lit up with Christmas lights, and the giant tree in the middle of everything. 
Anyone who knows me well can attest to the fact that I'm a Winter and Christmas junkie. It's my absolute, definite favourite time of year. If the reason for the Holiday-the celebration of the birth of Jesus- wasn't enough for celebration, it's so merry, cosy, bright, and cold.
Yes, that's right: I love cold weather!
It's so...cosy.
Pinned Image
I always feel at my most creative during the Winter. 
I knit more.
I draw more.
I twirl on the icy roads outside after it's snowed.
I just love Winter!
So besides being under house arrest, I've felt a little more chipper due to the change of seasons, as well as the fun decorations we currently have up. 
What's your favorite season, and what's your favorite part of Winter?
I'm trying to think snowy thoughts and stay occupied-any ideas?- and I may take advantage of the weekend by taking my little sister to the park around the corner since she's home. 
Hopefully your week is going better than mine!


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Jessica said...

haha, i'm with that guy!^ i've got lots f fun post to read if you're sitting around bored.

seriously, though, when i'm going through a bored streak, i just borrow twenty or so books from the library and read, read, read. if you don't like reading, why not start a bog, long project, like knitting/crocheting a blanket, or making some jewelry. hope this helps!

kimberly said...

Aw, I hope that you find something to occupy your spare hours soon! I love to work on crafts (of course!), read a good book, find interesting recipes to make, and play music. :) It's just so nice to get warm and snuggly some place to rest and ponder how much God has blessed me.

Hope you have a wonderful December! Much love, Kim.

Stac said...

So sorry being home is hard. Feeling "stuck" is frustrating. Have you ever thought of opening your own Etsy shop? You are so talented and your knitting is awesome. I would buy it. Infinity scarves are so hot right now. . . knitting and crochet is SUPER HOT. Take advantage of all this "hotness" and give yourself a purpose and some $$$. If you need some biz help. . . let me know. We could get together over some coffee or tea or whatever. I'm happy to give you some ideas. I would be happy to advertise your Etsy shop on my Facebook page! I know a lot of my customers would also love your work!. . . Just an idea. :)

Grace said...

I think I may take you up on that offer, Mrs. McElyea! I've thought about opening my own Etsy shop, and I could definitely use some pointers!
Jessi: I've been following merrily along! I just need something to do that requires MOVEMENT and is PRODUCTIVE, because I'm feeling like a no-good, cage, lump-on-a-log. Meh!
Kim: I've been doing *some* crafting. I made up three different sets of personal stationary, paper snowflakes, pop-out Christmas cards, and much more! I'm now reverting to watching black and white films and knitting 24/7.

Lily said...

I am sososo happy you're home, Grace!!!!

I'll definitely be praying you get a job soon...sitting around all day with nothing to do is no fun :p