October 29, 2011

Snow, Rain, And Times Square

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Today I embarked on my adventure into Times Square.
I was excited for many understandable reasons, but mostly because early this morning it started to snow!
Yes, snow!
In New York City.
In October.
It was decidedly supercalifragilistic; I love snow!
(Also, sorry about any Mary Poppins references and allusions included in this post: it's currently playing on Broadway and I spent a good ten minutes standing outside the theater staring wistfully at the billboards and advertisements for it, wishing with all of my heart that I could afford a ticket. If there was one musical I would love to see, it's about my favorite female character from my childhood, who is "practically perfect in every way." And as if to taunt me, I kept passing by more advertisements, and even a whole section of shirts and memorabilia in the Disney Store. Someone out there is mocking me!)
Anywho; snow.
The only problem with the snow (besides being cold, which really wasn't a problem until later in the day), was the fact that I couldn't take any of the promised pictures.
I feel like an absolute cad for not following through on my many promises of photographic adventures, but I cared more about not ruining my new camera than anything else.
By far the best part of the trip was the New York Public Library.
First of all, the building itself is magnanimous. Marble, large stone lions; it was absolutely stunning!
On the first floor is a sort of museum full of original manuscripts, engravings, ancient books, Chinese scrolls, even some cuneiforms! It was fantastic to wander around and see a whole book of Audubon's original bird paintings, E.E. Cumming's typewriter, a 15th century, hand-copied, Latin Bible, the original copy of George Washington's resignation speech, the first draft of F. Scot Fitzgerald's Nobel Prize acceptance speech (written in the back of an old novel he owned at the time), a hand-dedicated and signed copy of Ballad of Redding Gaol by Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot's final, hand-corrected draft of The Waste Land, Virginia Woolf's diary and walking stick, Charlotte Brontë's writing desk, Christopher Robin's original Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Kanga, Tigger, and Roo, and so many other fantastic delights to fascinate and captivate. I was absolutely and utterly in love with the place, and especially enchanted by the upper story, which was full, floor-to-high-ceiling, with books.
(I may or may not be a great deal obsessed with the place.)
Luckily for me again, the park immediately behind the library is enchanting as well: Bryant Park. It's full of lovely little greenhouses that were actually shops and even a coffee shop in one. Although it wasn't open today, there is also a skating rink that should be available soon.
Needless to say, I will be spending some time there next weekend as well.
Bring a book, eat my lunch, sit in the park, sit in the library: good, cheap fun.
(Not as fun as a ticket to Mary Poppins, but that's certainly not cheap. *Sigh*)
Tomorrow I'll be skating at Rockefeller center, and spending the day in SOHO as well. Hopefully it will be dry enough for pictures.


Theresa Rohrer said...

Ah, your days sounds, "practically perfect in every way!" I hope to hear more of your adventures soon!

Sarah Michelle said...

It sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to hear more! :)