October 25, 2011

Going Home

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Ladies and gentle-folk, I have a discharge date!
As of November 21 at approximately 5:30 PM, I'll be officially on my way home!
*Insert wild screaming and happy dance here*
I can't describe in words how ecstatic I am to be going home!
The best part is that I honestly believe that I am going to do well.
Faced with challenges, yes, but I'm going to be challenged by this disorder, this disease, at least intermittently for the rest of my life.
But I am ready to be home.
Ready for each of those challenges, and ready to overcome them.
Ready to head into battle at home having overcome the greater half of the demon, and having the Lord with me at all times.
And ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner (without compensating for it later) and enjoy it.
God is so good.
So very good indeed.
In the mean time, this gives me a month to prepare and get as much information, practice, and fun in as I possibly can.
I'm planning to visit Time's Square this Saturday and do some exploring in SOHO on Sunday. Next weekend I should be hanging out with my amazing, opera-singing sister from Boston. I have souveniers to buy, places to see, pictures to take...
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...I'm going to be a busy, busy bee.
Thank you for all the prayers and cards you've sent me so far. The encouragement and hope I've gleaned from them have gotten me through so much!
On another note, I am absolutely loving New York in the Fall. I was passing a small park area, headphones in playing Innocence Mission songs, sipping a $0.75 cup of hot tea (who said New York was always overpriced?) and enjoying the way the orange and gold leaves fell around me. Everyone in this city is in a hurry, and almost everyone is wearing their heaphones or talking on thier phones. Eye contact isn't generally made on the street, but especially not on the underground nor in elevators. But I meander around going at my own, Cali/Idaho pace, (yes, my headphones are in but sometimes I feel like I have a better, more mellow taste in music), and do not sport designer lables or a knockoff; I don't even care that I'm not sporting a designer label or a knockoff. I gaze up at the frescoes and beautiful, small details on the old apartment buildings I pass, I take in the sights, the smells, the pace of everything around me.
It's certainly a dirty, crazy city.
But it most certainly has charm.
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But for all that, I can't wait to get home to Idaho, my family, my friends, and the life I have there.
Even though I feel God's call in my life to move elsewhere at some point, I don't feel that that time is now.
A lot of things are going to be different when I get home, but the things that are going to be the same will be the loving arms that await me, the wonderful, cold weather of a fast-approaching Winter, and a great church and church family.
Life is only just beginning.


Rachel said...

oh, lovely, i am so glad to hear that you are coming home! <3 what a blessing it is to know that you are making such headway. enjoy your final month in New York. prepare to have me ask for some knitted goodness upon your return!

Stac said...

So glad you're doing well. I'm sure your Mom can't wait to get her arms around you and squeeze really tight. The next few weeks are going to be full of adventures for sure. Soak it up and treasure it. God is good! Enjoy!!!!

Christina said...

Grace! :) I'm so so so happy for you! Your posts have been such an encouragement to me. Knowing that you made it through this is definitely going to help me out the next few days. Love you! See you at Christmas time! :D

Anonymous said...

Hooray!! God is so awesome in His love for us, isn't He? How sure is His answer to our prayers. Home just in time for Thanksgiving!! I know your mom must be thrilled. Enjoy New York, and try to be a shutterbug while you're at it! :P I love you and I'll see you soon!! ~Sarah K.

Cubette said...

yay! good for you! enjoy the last of your time there!

Melinda said...


Still praying fervently for you. <3

LeAhnna said...

I am so glad! I've been hoping and praying you'd be able to come home in time for Christmas...but Thanksgiving is even better! I'm so happy for you!

Make sure you enjoy your last month in NYC, but don't get too attached because Idaho is ready to have you back. :)

Kaley Grace said...

So so exciting!! :-) Have fun soaking up the sights in NYC...sounds pretty tremendous to me :-)

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

That is so wonderful, Grace. What a joy to look forward to. Praying for you and your family!!

Gabrielle said...

Grace that is wonderful!!!!! I am so glad to hear that!!! I have been praying for you!

Grace said...

I will take pictures! I will I will I will! I'm going to Time's Square on Saturday and SOHO on Sunday! I'm so excited!!
And then I will *also* take pictures of the Turkey Dinner I'm planning on eating (YAY!) when I get home. :D