September 13, 2011

Touching Down, Checking In

I'm here.
Well, for the most part.
I'm here at the end of the first leg of my journey: a hotel in New Jersey.
I guess it's really just the beginning.
Either way, I flew a couple thousand miles without a hitch, and have made it to my hotel room in safety.
You know, for someone who sat on her butt in a plane and in terminals all day, I am one exhausted puppy. 
Even between three cups of Earl Grey tea and four cups of coffee (all evenly dispersed throughout the day, and most of them "complimentary" on the plane flight. I tell ya, you pay a few hundred dollars for a plain ticket and call the peanuts and drinks "complimentary." That's the most I've ever had to pay for a complimentary cup of dirt coffee and low-grade, salted peanuts! I digress.), I'm still flat-out shot. 
However, despite my exhaustion, I'm still conscious enough to be extremely grateful to God for getting me safely and uneventfully here, and I'm hoping the placebo that this decaf coffee (this time "complimentary" from the hotel) plays on my brain telling me to wake up will get me going long enough for a shower and some scripture reading and prayer. 
I'll be sure to update you all on my impressions of the Big Apple as soon as I have enough cognitive power to even have an impression. So far all I can comment on is my sheer joy at the amount of greenery and trees here- I almost sobbed for joy when we began our descent and I could see the trees that carpeted the world below me- as well as the wonderful, salty, humidity. 
Oh, how I've missed both of these things!
And I also understand what New Yorkers mean when they say "The Jersey side" with a sneer. It's certainly not Utopia. 
By the way, thank you all for the verses and the prayers you've sent my way: just thinking about them has been a huge encouragement today! Please keep praying especially hard tomorrow as I check in to the hospital and begin my recovery!
Cheerio and goodnight!


Emily Rose said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip Grace! When I flew to CA I remember seeing the kitchen in the back of the plane...I thought that was so cool.:)

kimberly said...

Still praying and thinking of you, Grace! Glad to hear your traveling is going alright, though I know how you feel. Traveling is tiring, but I hope tomorrow goes well! Sending a hug.