August 24, 2011

There Is A Light, And It Never Goes Out

There is something about the morning.
Something about rising early-
House still wrapped in dark quiet, blanketed in peace-
And sitting on a couch, spending the first hour or so of your morning with the creator.
There's something so... exquisitely beautiful, inexpressibly precious about this time.
What is it that pervades these gentle moments of peace and reflection? 
Of learning, of memorization, of prayer, of praise.
What is it that hangs over me as I get up from my Bible, 
Go through the motions: 
Heat Water, 
Put In Egg,
Make toast,
Turn off water,
Dry egg,
Egg in cup,
Toast on Plate,
Tea in mug,
Butter, jam, 
Knife, Spoon.
My mind pauses abruptly at this sensation; a slow smile spreads across my face.
I savor each bite, explore the taste, the textures.
The process of cracking the egg, of delicately spooning it out of its porcelain shell and eating it. Of daintily munching my toast.
What a rare happening this is for me!
I explore the sensation that so rarely surrounds a mealtime for me.
And with another jolt, I realize something: in between reading my Bible, making breakfast, and eating, there has been one prominent emotion, one feeling, one thought, that hasn't altered in the least save to grow stronger as the morning has worn on.
I probe this feeling, turn up to heaven questioningly, begging the source to reveal what it is, and how it came to be.
Musing, I clear my dishes, pull out my knitting, and meditatively click merrily away with my needles: silver and blue fibers flashing up and down, in and out, as I go.
This feeling, of illimitable joy...but not joy alone.
A looking forward, paired with a fond glance back.
A resolution, a strength- not mighty, but merely sturdy.
A light.
This feeling is hope.
The needles stop.
I glance up once again.
"Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."
Another prayer: a thank-you.
I rest my needles, pull out my notebook,
And write. 
This post is part of Rachel's Draftless Challenge, hosted over at Dramatic Elegance
No editing.
No drafting.
Just writing.
Just truth. 


Rachel said...

Stunning. I love you for this.

Breathe, my love. He is stronger than this.

Grace said...

I'm still enraptured as to the challenge! I love you for sparking the flame!
I put my trust in the Lord: He will never leave me nor forsake me. What a comfort!!

Stacie said...

That was incredible. You capture life so vividly and creatively. Such a beautiful post!!!

iAmPainter said...
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Hannah Ninja.. said...

WHAT!! NO MOTION OF.... (wait for it.. ) Dun Dun DUN.. SWEATER ON EGG!!!!

Grace said...

Alrighty here: *insert following lines into post*
My gaze lingers fondly on the cranberry-colored miniature wool sweater, lovingly knitted by myself, serving its purpose by keeping my egg warm before I take my first bite.

Emily Rose said...

Beautiful writing. Your breakfast sounds divine.:)
The morning hours are so magical, aren't they?

kimberly said...

So, so beautiful; the words and the feelings which go with them are so powerful.
That sounds like an interesting challenge!