August 29, 2011


Ahhh, my favorite day of the week has arrived yet again!
Hello, Monday: I'm ever so happy to see you!
This past weekend- Saturday and Sunday both- were so full of success and blessings.
I will admit to having been extremely nervous about Sunday. I was worried that Saturday's triumph over fear as well as my improvement was just a one-time, day-long fluke.
But God's mercy and blessings are new each day, and Sunday was even better.
So when I went to bed last night, inexpressibly thankful and full of joy, I was even more excited for the arrival of Monday morning, because I knew that today would be a new day to face my challenges armed with a great strength. Indeed, the day has already been victorious!
I've got some great plans for the day: it's my sibling's last day before they start public school for the first time in their lives. We've always home-schooled, but this year my mom has had to admit that she can't work a job and juggle teaching at the same time, so it's off to the school for the kiddos, and I actually find it all rather exciting. Since this is their last official day of "Summer," I can't seem to help myself from thinking of it that way as well, so I've got a fantastic to-do list today, as a way to go out with a bang. 
(To tell the truth, though, I'm more excited about them being in school: the house will be quiet, and I can have peace and quiet to clean, knit, draw, write, and putz around to my heart's content. It will be like vacation, living alone, and therapy all rolled into one! It will also give me lots of time to spend uninterrupted in prayer, and maybe I can find a way to use this time to be a huge blessing in the lives of others: I don't want to be completely selfish with my free, quiet time!)
1. Library. Of course. I need books and the books need me.
2. Cookies: I'm making pumpkin spice cookies. I've been on huge pumpkin kick lately- probably because I'm so excited about Autumn coming-but for the first time since I can remember I am going to eat one of them. And I'm going to like it. I think they will go well with my daily afternoon tea-time of earl grey. 
3. Have a picnic lunch. I fully plan on taking my meal outside and eating it either at the park or even just in the back yard. This needs to happen.
4. Constructing an epic birthday gift for my friend Brianne, who is turning eighteen on Thursday! I can't wait! She is an amazing person and a fantastic friend: we've had so many great outings and times together, and I can't believe how soon this day has come. I still remember her thirteenth birthday sleepover. *sigh*
5. Finish a watercolor picture/drawing I've been working on for over a week. I've been taking it out and adding little bits and pieces to the prelim sketch, but I'm actually going to get the washes on today and finish it!
6. Finish knitting the sleeve to my latest jacket cardigan. And maybe get part of the body knitted as well.
7. Memorize my next two verses in Psalm 31. I've been getting about one done every day or two, but I am aiming to get two down today. I love this chapter of the Bible: it has been such an encouragement to me.
8. Look into planning another tea party type-thing for before I leave. I've wanted to do a second tea party since the one I had this past Spring. This one will be more Summery and potluck style, I think, with an emphasis on the change of seasons. It would also be a little less formal, and would involve a craft like making cards to send to the Senior ladies in the church, the ill, or some of the ladies in the church who have had babies recently. Something along these lines. I'm looking forward to it! 
I know the above list may seem rather pitiful, but I'm savoring its silliness. How well I know it may be the last to-do list of the year that is as quaint and dissipated. After this it's going to be all priorities and regimens, plane flights and food plans. 
Oh! I also wanted to encourage all of my readers to head over to Rachel's blog, Dramatic Elegance, where she has been listing her blessings each Monday. I love this little habit that she's been forming, and am thinking about adopting it as well. There is nothing to make one more thankful than counting blessings. I know mine are too many to number!
I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!
Here are some flowers to brighten your day (I adore hydrangeas!). 


Rachel said...


so beautiful and thought-provoking. i love how you have inspired me to not hate Mondays, and to embrace even the little things.

Grace said...

Rachel lady, you are the true inspiration! Thank you, though! I am going to adopt your Monday blessings starting next week. It's such a grand idea!