August 1, 2011

In Which She Proves Herself (And Looks Like A Frump)

So I decided that instead of posting a picture of my latest project, or talking endlessly about the yarn, I'd actually prove to you all that I'm the person doing the knitting in the pictures that you see. 
It's time for my second-ever vlog!
And boy, do I look frumpy (Hey, it's hot here, okay? Anything to stay cool! Which includes, I guess, knitting wool legwarmers? Yeah...).
I'm sorry if I don't live up to your expectations of whatever you thought I'd be like when not writing, but here I am, none the less!
Enjoy the awkward ditziness!
Other fun stuff from today includes baking home-made cheez-its (which taste yummier than the store bought ones, I think), pumpkin spice granola, and prepping the house for my sister Shelly's arrival tonight! Most of the family has gone out river floating, so I have the house to myself. 
It is so lovely to sit in silence and knit.
And knit.
And knit.
*Happy sigh*
How are the rest of you doing today?
Do comment and let me know!


Brianne said...

This vlog: Yet another of the endless reasons why you are my bestie. <3 Love you dear knittress. :)

Ps: Message me about blog ideas! I'm too eager to help sometimes. O.o

Theresa Rohrer said...

Dang you knit fast! Your speedy knitting makes me look like an arthritic grandma!

Melinda said...

Yikes, you're a fast knitter! Do you attribute that to using the continental style of knitting? I'm an English-style knitter, and either that causes me to be slow, or I'm just slow.

kimberly said...

Love your vlog post. I have yet to do one (and after watching yours I really want to! Hehe.).

Grace said...

I never really thought of myself as a super fast knitter, but everyone tells me I am. I can't compare to anyone else, because I'm the only continental-style knitter of my acquaintance. :/

Madison said...

Aww Grace you're so cute. :) And you are indeed a very fast knitter. I want your skills at that! I'm a very slow knitter. Oh. And I have to answer your question. I would buy striped leg warmers! :D teheee

Kaley Grace said...

Graace I want to meet you so badly. :) You goooo, girl! I seriously admire knitters. I can. not. knit. But it looks exceedingly delightful :)

My name is Megan. said...

you are so cute! you have the most beautiful smile. it is always fun to see how people act/talk rather than just reading!
so fun.

Megan :)