August 2, 2011

Crafty Like A Fox

Okay, let's be honest with one another.
We all know that I'm what you might call very "artsy-fartsy". 
I love anything and everything to do with crafts, being crafty, DIYs, sustainable arts, and other similar bits o' goodness. 
It doesn't really matter what the crafty beauty is in relation to- be it food, photography, art, or otherwise- I just love pretty, unique, do-it-yourself craftiness. 
I spend the largest percentage of my time (you guessed it) knitting.
My latest projects have been these legwarmers (as modeled by my unsightly legs and feet)...
...And this sweater cozy for my soft-boiled eggs.
Other craftiness includes drawing pictures...
...and re-purposing (Well hullo there, cupcake stand, how would you like to be a jewelry and earring hanger instead?). 
As it is, with all this craftiness and a love for blogging, I am naturally an addict of craft blogs.
I find limitless sources of inspiration in their many pictures, stories, designs, and DIY projects. 
Hours of joy have been spent diverted by their many threads to other crafty blogs, places, and shops online. 
You're reading the blog of a girl who spends hours on, and is not ashamed to admit it. 
Okay, so maybe I'm a little bit ashamed. 
But not much.
Anywho, as I was browsing through some of my frequently visited sites and blogs today, I was struck by a thought.
"What" thought I to myself, "if I were to share this crafty loveliness with the rest of my bloggers?"
So with that idea in mind, I take it upon myself to inspire and otherwise enlighten you as concerns craft blogs, and what I think are a few of the best ones out there.
One could hardly start such a list without mentioning This place is pretty much the go-to site for anyone interested in crafting (a lot of crochet/knitting type stuff). The greatest part of this site would probably have to be their instructional videos. It's a great resource for those of us who prefer to learn by seeing and doing, rather than puzzling out the diagram illustrated in a book. 
Spot number two automatically goes to Design* Elegant, educational, and covering a huge variety of crafts and fun, from party planning, drink mixing, and baking, to home decor, decorating DIYs, and "look books" full of handmade goodness. I love this site to death, and love it even more for the other blogs it directs me to.
A clean, crisp, easy-to-navigate page full of crafty eye-candy, good for the artist's soul. I love reading through the blogroll, and especially love clicking through the blinking buttons for other shops and listed blogs. Spending five minutes on there is enough time to inspire me to pull out my drawing pencils and get designing. 
Looking for good food photgraphy and great recipes? Then you need to visit Fresh. 
Fresh New England may be the name, but you don't have to live on the East Coast to be able to appreciate the beauty, and make the food. I spend a bit too much time on food blogs, probably, But they're so  lovely!
CraftSanity is, by far, the greatest crafty podcast available for the ears of those craving it. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood interviews artisans and crafters of every breed and kind, and then posts them for all to hear. 
Ever wonder how Melanie Falick got her start knitting and writing lovely knitting books?
There's a podcast episode for that.
Want to hear some great sewing tips?
There are podcast episodes for that too.
Woolgathering: because everybody needs to see at least one extremely beautiful thing each day. This women's "doodles" qualify. 
And by "Love", I mean love.
All of her work and even her blog is just a feast for the mind and the imagination.
Miss Indie Designs is so very fun! 
I love her quirky, unique spirit, and vintage take on photography and crafting. 
Her blog is a joy to read, and I devour each post. I especially love her "I Do" Sunday series. 
Craft is an amazing, amazing inspiration to me.
Not just because of its artsy, DIY-ness, but because of the message it sends and the movement it is supporting. The creator, author, and mastermind behind it all- Natalie Zee Drieu- is an eloquent speaker and great supporter of the do-it-yourself and craft movement that is sweeping the nation. I greatly admire her and very much wish to meet her.
Calling all knitters! Calling all crocheters! 
Do you love fiber?
Do you love free patterns?
Do you love social networking?
Then you'll love Ravelry!
It's the online meet-and-greet spot where you can post your projects, patterns, and pictures, and get them as well. There's all sorts of random groups and forums- some having nothing to do with knitting directly- but because everyone on there is so obsessed with fiber, we all get along just fine! 
Foodgawker is my number-one go-to site when I want to look at food, be inspired by food, or find random recipes directly from blogs. Bloggers can join Foodgawker and post lovely photos of their meals and creations, with links that go directly to the blog post and the recipe therein. It has become indispensable to me as I love to bake, and even more so as I am trying to learn to eat. 
Megan Reardon of NotMartha is probably another of my "greatest inspirations". 
She's got crafty posts of every kind, and is hilarious to boot!
And, finally, Craftapalooza
Well that only barely scratches the surface of some of my favorite crafty sites. Some of the others invariably include such gems as Etsy, Pinterest, and even Weheartit (gotta love those free photos, once you learn to ignore the gross, teen-bopper ones). But what you may not realize is that I draw some of my greatest inspiration from you: my followers and fellow bloggers!
I read all of your posts (I'm notoriously bad at leaving comments, though!), and I treasure every word you leave on here for me to read. I love browsing through your posts, finding inspiration in your photos, outlines, and words, and especially getting to know each of you. The greatest inspiration always comes from people, not things, and you people are so very inspiring.
What are some of your favorite crafty gems?
Toodle-pip and cheerio!


Madison said...

Ahhh you are an amazing person. :) I shall definitely be checking these websites out. And I'm delighted to know that someone else knows about Design Sponge! That's such a great website. :) btw, your legwarmers are really fantastic. I think I may knit up a pair myself...

Grace said...

Aw, thank you! But I beg to differ none-the-less. Don't you just love crafty blogs? Design*Sponge is my "happy place". :D
And fiber=love=life. And go for the legwarmers. They're great for wearing on your arms as well!

Dancing Through Life said...

A wonderfuk list of "artsy-fartsy" blogs, I've enjoyed looking at them very much...thank you so, so much for sharing!

ps. the legwarmers look lovely!

Mary said...

Grace, you are absolutely amazing! You make such cute things. *sigh* I wish I was talented like you. Seriously!<3
I loved the video of you chatting and knitting the leg warmers.:) :) By the way, they turned out really cute! Love 'em!

Rachel said...

You are so freaking cute. You overflow with adorableness!