August 31, 2011

Cheer In Unexpected Places

 I cannot say how happy I am that I am not only allowed to be forever delighted and surprised with the ways God chooses to bless me, but I'm supposed to! 
And all because He never fails to both truly amaze and astound me with how creative He is, as well as how exceedingly clever.
Oh, on a completely unrelated note, my siblings did perfectly fine in school- both today and yesterday- and have announced it to be "not as bad as they expected." 
Praise indeed.
Anyhow, surprises from God and how...surprising...they are.
Today was a day like any other, I suppose: rise, greet the day, read Bible, dedicate the day to The Lord and His time/planning, work on scripture memory, enjoy breakfast. It's all going to be a little rushed now, in comparison to Summer, because I'd rather have all of this- mostly breakfast- at least halfway through by the time the herd of siblings stampede downstairs like a pack of hyenas, dressed for school and arguing heatedly. This means being seated at the table with food by six-twenty at the latest, and I refuse to cut my Bible time short. So...get up earlier? Continue Bible study whilst eating?
I digress.
I created (what felt like) a huge misunderstanding at work by, when switching days, failing to be sure about what time I was supposed to arrive and then assuming that it was to be the usual eleven o'clock AM. 
Wrong! It was supposed to be somewhere more along the lines of "There in time to be open and operable at nine, all of which you are responsible for taking care of." Understand, please, that I am not trying to be angry: it is utterly my fault for failing to be thorough about switching shifts- I'm merely being facetious here.
Thankfully, God already had His divine plan in order by my turning my cell phone on early, and discovering two text messages regarding the fact that I was opening today (Oh, may God bless co-workers who text other co-workers to give helpful reminders!), and I was able to get into work not only on-time, but early enough to open the shop the way I like to: methodically and peacefully. 
I've said it only a few times before, but let me reiterate this: I love opening the tea shop. 
I don't think I'd like it as much if I did it more often, but on the occasional day, especially when it's feeling decidedly cooler and-to my mind- more like Autumn, there is nothing more delightful. 
Shortly after opening, I had several small groups come in and order breakfasts. We haven't bee serving breakfast too long, so word hasn't quite gotten 'round about it yet and we've been generally slow in the morning hours. However, not only did we have several small groups, but they were true joy to serve and (not to be rude) tipped rather well (I mention this only because I'm leaving my job and have to live in N.Y.C. for a bit on what I have, not to mention buy plane tickets last minute, so money is tight and I'm glad for every cent I can procure). The money is beside the point, though. I was happy, Tami (my boss) was happy, and the day was off to a rousing, golden start.
And it only seemed to get better.
It was one of those days where the pace is glorious, the people all wonderful, and the atmosphere practically embraceable. 
What is more agreeable, more charming, than a quaint tea shop in the Autumn?
On a lighter day- still warm enough to sit out of doors- yet still completely mindful of the coming change of seasons, the shift in pace, what better way to slow down momentarily than with a pot of tea and something delicious to eat?
There is nothing better.
I tell ya!
Well, back on subject, my point is this:
God can use what could potentially be seen as a crazy day-gone-wrong and use it as a huge blessing.
My day was fantastic, and I accredit it to God's taking complete control and using potentially trying circumstances to be jubilant ones.
Another blessing? Tami saw a picture I posted of a hat I recently knit (seen below)...
...and suggested that I might make some to sell in the shop.
Being paid to do what I love to above all?
Dream come true!
Also, I made some fantastic orange-flavored Madeleine pastries that were so to-die-for, I'm linking up to the recipe here.
They go pitch-perfect with a pot of Earl Grey tea (A pot of which I enjoyed thoroughly whilst watching Lady & The Tramp this afternoon and knitting a cardigan).
How was your day?
Are you all ready for Fall?
And do you have a Madeleine pan? Because if not, you need one: there is no way anyone should go through life not enjoying these delectable treats. Warm from the oven. With a little powdered sugar.
And cheerio!


Rachel said...

i think i need a Madeline pan.

this is gorgeous and so much of what i needed today. <3

Grace said...

Three words: Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I got mine for $10, with a 20% off coupon. Win!

Sarah Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day! I must confess that it has put me in the mood for fall. :) I have awarded you the Liebster Award! Check it out!

Christela Oddstar said...

Yummy! Looks like it's delicious uh?!
Oh, I have a blog award for you in my blog! Come and see it! Thank you!