August 4, 2011


There's something about today
-This morning-
That breathes excitement.
That holds a promise of something so great,
That it's almost a tangible thing, this feeling.
You could cut the tension with a butter knife:
Not because it is tense feeling,
But because it is a soft sort of tautness that hangs around my head.
Does any of this make sense?
I'm sitting at the kitchen table,
The house is still quiet,
The door is open to the screen, letting in a light breeze and the smell of wet grass.
I have been reading.
I have been writing.
I have been drawing.
And now I am musing. 
Musing on the coming day.
What does it hold?
Let's see:
Ah yes.
Walking, work, tea (Well hey: I work in a tea shop!), knitting, reading, writing, drawing, daydreaming, all of my favorite things. 
But most importantly...
"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord."
-Psalm 31:24
I suddenly understand why today holds such promise, such joy:
Because I have my hope in the Lord. 
Be of good courage, friends, and have a spiffing day!


Rachel said...

So much beauty.

I am in anticipation also. Of a letter from a precious friend.

I love you.

Brianne said...

Goodness... I ditto what Rachel says about loving you. <3

Grace said...

Aww! I love you both too! :')