July 6, 2011

Worker-Bee Wednesday

Today (Wednesday) has decided to be my Monday.
And I don't mean Monday as in "Oh dear, it's Monday: a horrible, difficult, no-good day!".
I mean Monday as in: "It's Monday! Time to be productive and get things done!". 
My Mondays usually consist of getting an unexpected and surprising amount of things done in a relaxed and un-planned way. I never have a to-do list on Mondays, I never count on feeling extremely motivated- cup of coffee in hand and laptop at my fingertips- or awake. Things just...happen. 
My Wednesdays usually fly by in a semi-dissipated way. I do do things, but it's usually not anything worth doing.
I'm very excited to have had two Mondays this week, and a semi-Monday Tuesday (Yes, yesterday was rather productive as well).
For starters, I woke up early.
This is an important part of my day. I know from experience the truth behind John Bunyan's quote "He who runs from God in the morning will scarcely find Him the rest of the day."
If I do not spend some time praying and reading my Bible in the morning, when all is silent and cool in the house, and before I've let the thoughts and cares of the day clutter my mind, then my day might as well be a lost cause. 
Both yesterday and Monday had a quick Psalm or two after waking, but we all slept in very late both days so it was hardly time alone with God. 
Having finished my devotions (which were especially encouraging today), I got down to business on today's project.
Frozen Yogurt.
I took my recipe (found here), my brand-spankin-new ice cream maker, and my ingredients (I used Greek Yogurt: yum!), mixed it, let it ripen in the fridge for an hour (during which I read my book and ate breakfast), and then proceeded to churn it for fifteen to twenty minutes.
And, sweet mother of all things holy, is this frozen yogurt good! I've only had generous "tastes" so far, but I think it's safe to say I'm excessively pleased with both my new machine and myself. 
And if you're wondering about breakfast (which you should be), it was a fresh nectarine with a little of my home made ginger granola and milk. The breakfast of champions!
I've also finished a knitting project (not telling what it is yet, as it's a gifty-gift for a friend!), baked bread, done laundry, finished my high school transcript again (apparently I edited it in the wrong formatter last time so it wouldn't print. Which meant starting it all over again. Big headache), and blogged. 
Next up comes finishing my book. I'm reading The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott. It was her first ever finished book, but she didn't publish it. Instead, it was kept in the family archives for many years. It is, in fact, the novel mentioned at the beginning of Little Women, when Jo makes a reference to her first finished book. It was written by Louisa when she hadn't really developed her touch and had a very girlish fascination with melodramatic and stereotypical romances, and is very silly indeed. However, the mark of her skill (however small at this point) is still there, and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's very short and, at the very least, good for a laugh.
There should be lots of walking, more knitting, a bit of shopping, another library visit, and a clean bedroom slated for this afternoon. 
And I may even turn my cell phone on today: who knows?  
I'm especially excited for this weekend: my sister and her son (my adorable nephew!) arrive here tomorrow night, and we're all looking forward to a few days spent cooing over and spoiling the poor boy to death. My other sister is going to be visiting us this month as well. I can't wait!
Time to sign off now and find something else to do! I think now may be the time to clean my room...

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Emily Rose said...

I love your new Monday!