July 13, 2011

Wasting Time In A Productive Way

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So this morning something funny and yet somehow entirely meaningful- impacting, you could say- happened.
I woke up, per usual, at 6:00 AM, padded quietly downstairs rubbing sleep from my eyes, and prepared for the day.
This involves trying to noiselessly fill our electric kettle with water, procure a tea cup and bag of chai tea, brew the tea, and deposit myself at the kitchen table with my Bible and said cup of deliciousness. 
And all without using my brain. This is for two reasons. 
1.) My brain isn't good for much that early in the morning and pre cup-of-chai and
2.) The more I use my brain and think, the more cluttered up my mind is, and the harder it is to focus on my Bible reading/prayers/surrendering myself and my day to God in general. 
Anyway, back on topic. 
I finished my scripture reading, downed a bowl of my home-made ginger granola, drank every drop of tea, and then dressed for my work as assistant chef at the tea house today.
It is a lovely, lovely day here, and I do believe that it was already in the upper fifties when I stepped outside.
It was one of those mornings where the sky is an impossibly chipper shade of blue, punctuated by rose and lilac-hued clouds. I love walking anywhere, especially to work, this early in the morning. It's bright outside, but the world is still bathed in a gold light, the birds singing raucously from every tree. There was even a touch of humidity in the air, the promise of a storm probably late tonight. 
This is the perfect Summer morning.
This is my kind of day.
And I love no better method of seizing it than a long walk at a brisk, even pace- a walk made even better when I spend it praising God and eagerly looking forward to a day at work. 
(Have I mentioned how much I love my job?)
I seem to be walking faster these days, because I've been repeatedly arriving at work too early, and finding myself with nothing to do. This never used to be a problem when I could just pop in to my favorite independent coffee shop a few doors down, but since they've gone under I not only can no longer whittle away time there, I also can't get my Cheshire Chai, Wild Zebra, and general doses of amazing coffee shop atmosphere. *Sigh*
So about fifteen minutes before my time, I unlocked the back door and strode in, eager to take charge of the day and cook up a storm. 
Until I saw the confused look on Tami's (my boss) face.
"You don't work today!" She said, a bit bewildered.
This is the part where we all remind ourselves how much of a silly, dissipated person I tend to be, and how little of a surprise a scenario like this is. 
After a few short laughs, I turned around- feeling quite silly, as I should- and started for home.
Now you'd think that after such a disappointment and after having to walk nearly 2 1/2 (soon to be four-to-five) miles for nothing I'd be unhappy.
But it wasn't for nothing.
There is something about the walk, the views, the strange hushed nature of the world, the golden tinge, the smell of Albertson's donuts that makes it all more than worth it. 
I adored my walk today, and wouldn't have traded it for anything. 
I hope you have a day worth "the trouble" too.
*Wry grin*


Rachel said...

You know, even though you didn't have to work this morning, God wanted you to get out...step out into Him. And you did. I'm so glad you managed to be so blessed. I love you so much, girlie! You're always in my heart! <3

~Kimberly~ said...

Aw, such a touching post! I really loved it!!

Grace said...

Don't you just love days like this? The kind that take what could be a difficulty or problem, but turns it around into a blessing or chance to use new outlook? I do.