July 26, 2011

Thoughts From An Inexpressible Heart

How does one translate a heart full of feeling and thought,
Emotion, yearning,
Into words?
How does one pour their soul onto paper-using only ink (or a keyboard)- so that others can see, feel, and understand what is being expressed? 
Is such a thing even possible?
Or are such imaginings doomed to stay trapped inside always: never to escape in any expressible form?
What would happen if I could succeed with such a feat?
To turn myself inside out and put on display every single bit of me that I long for others to understand- every struggle, every passion, every fear- but can't seem to juxtapose in such a form as to make them understandable. 
To make others see as I see,
Feel as I feel.
The alternative- the reality- isn't at all bad.
I have a God who sees and understands every single inch of my indecipherable heart, mind, and soul. He has mapped me out to the most insignificant fraction of myself, and knows all the workings of my heart and mind. 
There is so much of me that I do not understand, cannot understad: but He does. 
Maybe one can't express "it all" so that others can understand.
But one can turn their eyes up,
Look questioningly and yearning into the eyes of our Savior,
Tell Him their troubles, their dreams, their fears,
And then have no need to make others understand, because One who is greater already does.
There's my deep thought for the day.
Do with it what you will.
I shall pour my soul out to Christ, and consequently find a deeper peace and joy than could ever be understood, much less explained...
...And then I shall go finish knitting my sweater.
(This is what I would look like right now, if I were a wooly quadruped in the middle of a very long, very empty road.)

1 comment:

Mary said...

I think the same thing sometimes, hun! Isn't it awesome to have such a wonderful Savior who knows us inside out even when others and sometimes ourselves can't? God is so good.<3 Love you, dearest!:)
P.S I hope to see a picture of the finished product of your knitting soon, perhaps?;)