July 16, 2011

Scene From A Saturday Morning

The girl stretched lazily and glanced at the window through half-closed lids. Shades of light blue and gold, accented by small billows of white, where barely visible through the closed blinds, and the sweet melodies of a hundred birds found their way through the open window. Even with the shades drawn she could tell that it was going to be a glorious day. Rubbing absently at her eyes, she rolled out of bed, letting her feet rest on the floor for a few moments before standing up.
There was something about those seconds when you first touched the ground in the morning, and it was something she always liked to reflect on before actually standing. It was as if in those few moments you could decide whether or not you would have a good day, and then stand accordingly. 
She closed her eyes absent-mindedly and concentrated on the day ahead: it was a rare thing for her to have a Saturday off work, and she was determined to make the most of it. Not in a designed, scheduled way, of course. True happiness and relaxation can't be planned, something she well knew. What good was it to sit in a hammock and say to oneself "I shall now be completely relaxed and do nothing"? It always seemed that by doing such opened your mind wide to the long list of things you could be doing or wanted to do or, even, needed to be done next week. By consciously announcing your intentions of doing nothing, you were inviting your subconscious to wage war on you and your do-nothing attitude. Your mind quickly became a swirl of either worries or plans for later, you got antsy, and soon can't relax at all until you get up and do something about it. 
True relaxation and happiness can't come from being lazy and bored, she had decided; it came from doing things, enjoying those things, and the rest and relaxation came after finishing those things, or even in the process of doing them. As if going through the motions could somehow put your mind into a lulled state of peaceful rest. You couldn't plan things like this: they happened of their own accord, almost like an accident. That's what made them so enjoyable, after all. 
No, you couldn't deliberately choose to be relaxed.
But you could choose to be happy. 
With these thoughts fresh in her head, she stood up, claiming the morning, and headed downstairs for her cup of tea. 
It was going to be a glorious day indeed. 
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Lily said...

Okay, THAT was beautiful. :) love you, girl!!!