July 18, 2011

Popping In (A Brief Update Before She Goes To Bed)

Good evening, dear and lovely followers!
I'm very very tired this Monday evening.
So tired, I can't seem to keep my fingers typing, much less muster the brain power to compose a post of some sort of interest.
I did lots of fun and semi-productive things both yesterday and today (hint for the latter: I declared today an unofficial Mother's Day, and made deep, dark, chocolate ice cream. But I suppose the second goes without saying, seeing as any day focused on women automatically contains things both chocolate, and ice cream: usually chocolate ice cream. Oh great, I'm rambling...see how tired I am?!), but I just wanted to let you all know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth or anything...delightful... like that (Sorry to disappoint! You have to continue putting up with me!). 
I'm actually working on a couple of different "master plans" up in my little light-box head. 
Genius blueprints
Frivolous imaginings.
Creative concoctions.
Life-altering decisions.
Thankfully, my resolve and determination- as found and fueled last Friday- is both to blame and still burning. Less so now than it was then, but I'm running on the fumes, and God has been merciful enough to keep the flames coming in small spurts all day (although they've sometimes required desperate pleading).
Either way, I wanted to warn you all to be watching for news about and the product of this determination and whatnot in upcoming posts/the near future. I'm very excited for some things, feeling great trepidation about others, and giddily nervous about them all. 
However, I trust you'll all be nice and wait until after I've left the room to start laughing at me (right?). 
Until I get all the details and kinks sorted out and untangled, it would be loverly if you could pass along a prayer when it crosses your mind, asking for God to give me direction. And wisdom.
Because I may always need them, but now more so than ever.
Stay tuned dear readers, and get some sleep! 

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