July 3, 2011

Passing Afternoon

"There are times that walk from you 
Like some passing afternoon..."
Some days just have a theme song.
Today is one of them.

It's a day of heat.
A day where the stillness in the air-stirred occasionally by the gentle hum of insects and the twitter of birds- is rivaled only by the placidity of my mind.
I openly and gladly accept every ray of sunshine that meets and kisses the skin on my arms and legs, and smile at the grass that tickles my feet.
I can smell the blueberry crumble- one of my many offerings for tomorrow's Independence Day get-together with our friends- fresh out of the oven and cooling on the counter. 
Summer smells of blueberry crumbles and grass.
It tastes of iced tea and watermelon.
It sounds like singing birds and acoustic guitar.
It feels of simple, inexplicable joy and expectation for wonderful, mysterious things.
I am, at this moment, experiencing the very epitome of Summer
God is so very good to me.
I hope you're enjoying your passing afternoon, and that it is as tranquil and fulfilling as mine. 


Rachel said...

Mmmm, that song just sent me into a complete ball of mellowness and summer delights. <3

Grace said...

Iron & Wine does that. *happy sigh*

Julia_Julia said...

cool blog