July 20, 2011

Inside The Lines

Ah, Wednesday morning.
I love Wednesday morning.
Okay, so maybe I have no particular attachment to Wednesday mornings in particular, but this Wednesday morning is pitch perfect.
A slight chill in the air drifting in through the open windows.
Waking up after eight straight hours knocked out colder than a dead wombat.
Slightly oversleeping (meaning that I woke up at 6:40 instead of the normal 6:00 to 6:30. Whoopee). 
Some Bible reading and prayer.
A perfect cup of chai tea. 
Fresh fruit.
A good round of piloga stretches (Somewhere between Pilates and yoga, only more comical because I'm absolutely clueless).
And loafing around in my pajamas, fuzzy socks, and running jacket, listening to big-band swing, blogging, and chewing a piece of apple pie-flavored gum may or may not have something to do with my current state of bliss.
I'm beginning to form a new theory.
Everyone seems to think that the way a morning start, the way a day goes, and whether or not it's a good one rests entirely upon how you wake up, what you do that morning, etc.
But I propose something:
I think the way a day goes does have a good deal to do with how your morning starts and goes; yes. However, I'm beginning to see that how you wake up feeling, how your morning goes, and the mood of the entire thing is based almost entirely on what you did with yourself the day before. I'm not thinking in just a physical I-worked-out-so-now-I'm-sore sense. I'm referring more to the things accomplished, how you may have seized the day or opportunities, your outlook.
For instance: my "yesterday".
It could be described as a "doing" day. I got up early and started my day with the Lord, a breakfast that I strove to enjoy, went up with my mom early to her work (I needed a different size knitting needle), walked home the long way, finally got around to closing an old bank account, knit a hat, walked to and from the library, made cookies, cleaned the kitchen (twice), cleaned out and organized my room, a thousand small things I've been meaning to do for some time, made dinner, and then spent an entire evening helping my mom move two bookshelves and then proceed to organize and shelve our entire home's library worth of school textbooks, novels, tomes, and picture books (this took a few hours, and was done right before bed. Hence the great night's sleep).
And the day was somehow imbued with such a sense of laid-back motivation-how paradoxical!- that the end was about more than having walked seven miles, finished a hundred thousand things that I've been procrastinating on, and successfully following and fulfilling all of my nutrionist's rules for once. It was mostly just having spent time wisely and yet in a way that was entirely enjoyable that sent me sweetly off to sleep last night. And it was with that sense of completion and relaxed purpose that I awoke today. And already my day seems to be heading in a direction similar to that of yesterday's. 
And that's fine by me! 
In my last post, I mentioned some things about exciting changes and ideas I've had. 
And, as promised, I'm finally able to explain some of them.
First of all, my Grandma- who used to be a jeweler who made and sold her items at craft fairs- has passed down her box of semi-precious stone earring pieces to me, and the supplies needed to make and sell earrings. The pieces are very simple- just plain round stones in every variety you can think of from Jade to Tigers Eye to Amethyst- and are cut for post earrings. But what I'm excited about is my hope to open an Etsy store and start selling them under her old business name. I'm looking forward to it mostly because it's an opportunity to continue her tradition, her business in a way. So far I'm just planning on keeping the shop open until I run out of the stone pieces, but that could take quite some time (there's a lot here), but it will be a fun venture.
Second, I'm thinking about starting a second blog!
It would be much different from this one: focusing anorexia. I would post my story, Bible verses, tips, encouragement, and other helps for girls like me. Girls trapped in a way of life and with self-destructive eating habits that they have no desire to keep. I really want to use this struggle as a way to glorify God and bring others to Him, so maybe this is a way I can do that. 
Third, I've been creating what is called my "Carpe Vitam" list. It means "Seize life", and it's essentially a list of my long-term- and even some short term- goals and dreams. Things I want to do, things I need to do. Reasons for me to fight anorexia and choose to live. It's almost like a bucket list in some respects.
It's been a really interesting thing to come up with, and I've been learning a lot about myself in the process: things that I didn't really know about myself, or had never thought twice about. One of my biggest goals is to memorize more scripture. 
Well, I'm being called away to help with the dishes downstairs. 
As I'm unable at this moment to really post all that I would like to, I should be back later today to do so.
Mostly featuring pictures of the fantastic afternoon I spent with my two best friends this past Sunday, our mall and yogurt adventures, and probably some shots of the time I'm going to spend at Eagle Island this afternoon with some of the same people. 
I hope you are all finding reasons to be happy and motivated this morning!


Rachel said...

Hi. So, here goes:

1. We both had early mornings this morning, which is not something I normally experience due to my late nights and love of sleep. But oh, the sun that kissed my cheeks restored me in ways that I could have only prayed for...as my night was not the best last night.

2. The idea for a second blog is truly inspired! I myself, as well as so many others I know of, would LOVE to know that there is someone else out there who isn't hiding...who is hitting her struggle HEAD ON and is coming face to face with the monster.

3. I love you. You're gorgeous. And you're an amazing pen-pal best friend. <3

Anonymous said...

I would L-O=V-E it if you started a second blog!! I have "disordered eating" (not an eating disorder though, per say) and I would love to hear more of your story!

~Kimberly~ said...

Great post, Grace! I love all of your ideas: etsy and a new blog sound wonderful. It's amazing how you're desiring to glorify God through trials in life.
Oh, and I agree with Rachel completely. I think you're absoloutely gorgeous, inside and out.

Grace said...

You ladies are far far FAR too sweet! And now I feel crummy because I got distracted and didn't do that promised second post. *bah humbug on me*