June 21, 2011

Soak Up The Sun

I was reviewing a lot of blog posts today, and I found something incredibly (dare I say oddly and perhaps too strangely?) similar. 
Everyone would appear to have had a very bad day yesterday.
Everyone spent yesterday either breaking down or just in the doldrums of life in general.
I like to believe that it had something to do with it being the last day of Spring, or something like that.
Either way, I've spent the day praying for all of these people, and I elect that we make today- the first day of Summer 2011- abso-bally-lutely spiffin'!
I certainly had a good day (and not just because it's payday, either). I decided when I woke up this morning (at the bright, gold-lit hour of 6:24 AM) that I was going to spend the first day of Summer doing as many of the things that I love as possible. 
Sadly, this has not yet included a session of cupcake baking.
I may do something about that tonight, though.
Here's a recap of how marvelous things have been!
It all began with my morning Bible reading. I always start with some Psalms and then see where God leads me next. It's so vital to my day, this portion of the morning. The moments I spend with God always set the tone, and I'm a firm believer (and firsthand witness to the truth) of the saying "A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels."
Now, this isn't my photo. I wish it was, but it's not. I borrowed this one from Kailyn over at A New Rebel. For some unknown reason (and you can laugh if you like) I am in love with this picture. It simply captures everything I love about Summer mornings: the lighting, the mood, the color, the subject. It's like a slice of simple, everyday life that is actually quite the luxury. Maybe it's because Summer is the only time I don't frantically rush through breakfast in under a minute... 
Of course, there were large amounts of wandering or "gypsying" as I like to call it. It's what I do best. I think I  got a little over five miles of walking in, most of that being just wandering around town. 
I'm a gypsy.
This is how I roam.
Although I don't really like it, there was driving involved too. *Sigh*
Cars me no likey.
"Things I love" invariably includes the greatest lemonade available in the refrigerated section of your local convenience store: Honest T's Honest Ade. Yum! 
By the by, I don't think I've mentioned the convenience store down the road from our house.  It's a nice little 1/4 mile or so stroll around the corner, situated next to an independent burger joint that delivers the biggest, best peanut butter milkshakes (and other delights) for only a handful of dollars. Needless to say, having a convenience store so close by that offers great prices and wider variety of items is...convenient!
Of course there was knitting involved today as well!
My new find- Paton's Silk Bamboo yarn at a discount price of $1.30 a skein- that's a steal!

What you see here is the beginnings of a pair of very loud, very obnoxious elf booties I'm going to inflict on my unsuspecting two-year-old nephew. And his mother. *evil giggle*
I'm knitting with Classic Elite's Renaissance yarn, and boy howdy is it absolutely delicious to work with!
There has also been lots of reading (I finished The New Policeman! I'll post my thoughts on it later), and tea drinking as well. I am, in fact, writing this during my tea time (this is your opportunity to reflect on either "how quaint" or "how absurd" my daily habits of a distinctly British nature are. It will no doubt seem more absurd when I tell you that it's hot tea, and that the forecast outside reads 86 degrees).
I've also been watching the 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables, something I stumbled across as I was reading through the list of proffered titles at our local Redbox. I absolutely love this musical, and am determined to be in a production some day. 
The day did have its tinge of sadness and regret, however, as most days do.
First of all, my grandfather passed away last night in his sleep.
I know it seems shocking and callous that I could even treat this so likely, but the truth is he was so very sick for some time now, and we've all been waiting for this to happen for just as long. I'd be lying if I were to tell you that my grandfather were a loving, gentle man. He wasn't hard, necessarily, but he wasn't extremely kind either. He'd had a very troubled heart and life, and I don't think anyone really knew him. The greatest sadness here is the fact that I don't know that he ever accepted the Lord as his Saviour, and the knowledge of where he might now be dwelling brings me to tears every time I think about it. I, more so than my siblings, because I've spent the past few months particularly burdened about his soul, and even wrote him a letter outlining salvation and imploring him to turn to Jesus.
It may never have happened. 
The other (much more minor) disappointment was the fact that my friends and I had to call off our much-looked-forward-to expedition to the Weiser Fiddle Festival tomorrow. We were going to have an overnight tonight and then spend tomorrow road-tripping up there, hearing the music, enjoying the carnival, and then driving back, but work schedules got in the way at the last minute, and we can't go after all. 
In the end, though, it's not too bad because I get to spend the entire day with my mother. I've been worried that our relationship has drifted apart. There's this invisible wall- a void, more like- that didn't used to be there. There's frustration, and poor communication instilled in it, and I'm not sure how to begin to get around it, if it's not just my imagination. I desperately want to be a good, encouraging daughter; someone who lifts my mother up, and doesnt' add to her already heavy burden. I'm really working on this, and I'm hoping the time we spend together tomorrow makes things a little better.
And now, I must bid you all adieu as I go make dinner!
What did you do today? Did you have any special "First Day of Summer" plans?
What are you looking forward to?
 I have this thing on my blog where you can leave comments- you know the one!- and I'm desperately hoping, wishing that you would tell me all about your day and plans by leaving one in the box!
Cheerio (and happy Summer!)


Rachel said...

So. Much. Adorableness. I love that picture, too...even though I despise bananas with a passion.

Yeah, yesterday was a poo-y day on my end too. But today was better, so that's great! =)

Sorry about your grandfather, love. I'll be praying for you and your family.


Sarah Michelle said...

I love that picture of you! It's so cute! My day was rather boring. Not bad but just boring. I spent it doing housework, and then some reading, but that's about it. Sorry about your grandfather. I'll be praying for you and your family!

Kailyn said...

EEP! I pretty much freaked out when I saw that picture on my blogger news feed. That seriously made my day. :D Thank you so much!!

I loved this little snippet of your life! Sounds like a fun day! I feel rather lame because I did nothing very special on this extra-amazing first day of summer. Mostly relaxed and hung out with family, but isn't that the best? :)

Anyway, thanks so much again! I'm so very sorry to hear about your grandfather, too. I'm praying for you and your family as well!

Have a wonderful evening! :)

♥ Kailyn

Kailyn said...

PS: You look super cute in that pic! ;)

Colby Kern said...

You know, now that I think about it, yesterday wasn't a very good day for a lot of people. Especially me! I'm sun burnt and homesick :/

Loving your photos, miss!

Grace said...

Aww, you hate bananas, Rachel? I used to as well, but I love them now: especially dried. Yum!
It seems so ironic that everyone had a bland/yucky day...ALL at the same time! I saw your blog post, and have been praying for you too!

Kailyn: relaxing and spending time with family is *definitely* a perfect way to spend the first day of Summer! Everyone has their own favorite "happiness", but I think those two might be universal. ;)

Colby: Thank you so much! I take that as high compliment coming from someone whose photography is amazing. As it is, the only picture worth its salt in the post is Kailyn's. :P

Rachel said...

I love them dried, but not normal. I dunno why, they just are icky to me.

Also, you look ridiculously adorable in that picture. Your short hair is really too cute -- it was a good decision. <3