June 28, 2011


Single, word-crazy girl desperately seeking Summer pen pal.
Someone with a similar love of all things both posty and delivered, as well as being in posession of good humor, imagination, and a creative outlook. 
Someone with whom I can exchange letters this Summer- even if just a few- and through the Fall and Winter if the time permits and we find it agreeable. 
I've been desperately wishing to ask a blogger friend to be a pen-pal for some time now, but I'm always afraid that I'll come across as a creeper, and that all of you would be uncomfortable with the notion of exchanging letters and addresses with a person you have never actually met.
Well, I'm throwing  caution to the wind, because I want a pen pal this Summer, and I want one now
Any takers? 
Anyone at all?
Email me and lets get scribbling. 
Other News Includes
My newly finished, latest, knitted cardigan. It took me three or so days to put together, and I'm still not 100% sure I'm done. I am contemplating putting a tie on it for closing it, and maybe blocking it. 
I knit it in 100% bamboo silk that is absolutely to die for. I love the feel of the fabric!
Er...you'll have to forgive the really bad photo quality. My mom's camera sometimes just won't cooperate, and today is one of those days.
Just one more thing I ended up getting done yesterday. *grin* Here are some of the others that you saw on my To-Do list.
Almost done with my teacup. I made the mistake of waiting until the end of the day to get it done, but forget (per usual) that by the end of the day I'm usually to tired and disinterested to be of any good. 
I just need to paint and attach the handle, and she's done! 
Also, my designs for the Independence Day cupcakes.
They're going to be red velvet chocolate cake, in patriotic liners, probably with either a chocolate ganache or chocolate cream cheese filling. Then I'm going to make white cream cheese buttercream frosting (I love doing the mountainous swirls on top- my favorite decorating trick!), sprinkle them with colored sugar crystals in red and blue, and then stick a spiffy, patriotic pick on top. I can't wait to get baking!
I'm just now discovering that my mother washed my brand new black cami from Downeast Basics and then proceeded to put it in the dryer, so it is now too small to fit even me. This is a fact that is making me extremely aggravated and miffed, because, not only did I just buy it to replace my old, worn out one, but I dropped the whole $22 on it (which really isn't in the budget right now), because I was at the mall and I rarely go, so I seized my one opportunity. And now I have no black underpinning to wear under my low-cut shirts/dresses. So I can't wear a good portion of my wardrobe now. 
Miffed, indeed. 
*sips lemonade and strives to pray for patience and a happy spirit.*
I listened to Owl City for a good portion of my 5 1/2 mile walk this morning.
There's something about his music that makes me want to break out into a dance routine, much like you see in those old musicals. 
The ones where everyone walking past suddenly joins in in perfectly choreographed, synchronized steps. 
Much like this:
Owl City is just so darn...peppy! 
But I'm still relatively certain that, were I to actually start jiving to the music, I'd be the only person dancing.
Oh well, it may be worth a try!
I'm currently reading-per a friend's "suggestion" ("suggestion" meaning: "Here's this book, you're going to go read it. Now.), Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis.
And it is marvelous.
I'm absolutely in love with Psyche's character thus far, the way she accepted her doom. If you know anything about this book or what's going to happen, don't tell me: I don't want any spoilers! 
And if you don't know anything about it, go read it yourself: it's fantastic!
I'm being sworn into the PEO sisterhood this evening. PEO stands for "Philanthropic Education Organization". It's essentially a women's sorority or sisterhood that meets together and does activities to further education for women. They have fundraisers, and even a college! It's an organization that's been around since before 1900 (right at the beginning of the suffrage and first women's rights movements, of course) and-although it's not a certain denomination per say- you do have to confirm your belief in God, and is essentially Christian based. It's not feministic or anything ridiculous like that. My mother (and grandmother) has been a member for many, many years. Now that I'm finally 18, I've been invited to join! I'm so excited- I'm going to be initiated tonight. There's a lot of ceremony and rules about the official things like becoming a member, but I'm looking forward to tonight with nervous anticipation.
Wish me luck!
I need to go clean the kitchen- it is a decided mess since my little brother would appear to either have decided not to, or forgotten to do the lunch and breakfast dishes. 
This is what being a big sister is for.
How's you day going so far? 
Do you have any upcoming plans?
And will you be my pen pal?


Rachel said...

1. You have an email
2. The teacup is adorable.
3. The cupcakes sound SOOOO tasty!
4. I love you and continue to pray for you every single day of my life.

Brianne said...

1. The teacup and cuppies look marvelous.
2. I'm more of a fan of how Lewis developed Orual's character... I relate more to her than any other fictional person, with Stargirl as the runner-up.
3. I still love that video.
4. Forgive my penpalling failures. :'(


Megan said...

ooooh it would be sooo fun to be penpals! I think handwritten letters have become a lost art for a lot of people! so sad because it is awesome to get mail! :)

thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sure I would miss in-n-out too!