June 27, 2011

The Monday Grindstone

It's Monday!
And as many of you know, Monday is my day for doing...things.
Getting things done.
Moving through that colossal "To Do" list, and conquering it valiantly, emerging victorious and triumphant at the end of the day.
Well, maybe it's not quite that dramatic.
It certainly feels that way (probably because Mondays are the only day of the week in which I actually write a To-Do list, and get through it).
I've already had a devotional, read breakfast, gone grocery shopping for the week, played phone tag with/nagged my doctor, cleaned my room, and organized this week's general schedule. 
However, all this reflects more along the lines of my "school year" mentality.
I love my Summer To-Do lists infinitely more.
"Why?" do you ask?
Silly question, indeed!
Here's what my list looks like.
Write two Thank-You notes: one to my best friend and her mother for the fabulous afternoon I had with yesterday, which was spent listening to Owl City and eating ice cream at Coldstone. The other to my best friend's grandmother for the delicious lunch and rousing good time that was had after church yesterday.
Make these papier-mache teacups.
Finish my designs for the cupcakes I'm taking to our friend's house on Independence Day, and then create a list of needed items/procure these items.
I'm so excited about these cupcakes! I'm planning on going all out on them.
(No, they will not look anything like this: I just think these are adorable, is all).
Read some, and visit the library (if there's time. If not, I'll just walk there tomorrow instead). 
Go shopping/hang out with my mother. This includes going to various stores around town (hopefully at least one thrift), maybe getting this year's bathing suit (which I probably won't.), and- if I'm lucky- buying her an iced latte at Starbucks. Because I love to treat her to lattes. 
Drink tea.
Lots and lots of tea.
Or, more specifically, chai tea. 
Oh, the love of my life!
Chai, chai, chai.
Hot, cold, plain, sweet, black, latte.
I don't use this recipe, I just think this is a cute design.
Walk at least two miles (I do this daily as a matter of course and enjoyment, I just like to remind myself).
Put the finishing touches on my transcript.
Read some John Donne, John Keats, and Tennyson poetry. This is not included in the general "reading," because reading poetry-especially these chaps- is always followed by a long space of dreamy contemplation.
Go down to the convenience store and purchase the following:
One (1) Honest T "Honest Ade" lemonade beverage (As a side note, I just found out they make the Honest Ades in various flavors, one being mango lemonade. I need to get my hands on some of this, and fast).
Two (2) packs of Extra Gum's "Dessert Delights" chewing gum packs, at the fabulous price of two-for-a-dollar (I told our convenience store was convenient!).
Connive different means and ways of making homemade frozen yogurt, using my favorite Zoi Greek yogurt. 
If I do this right, I should be able to connive today and actually make it tomorrow. Who knows? 
Eat pickles and peanut butter. 
Not together, and not necessarily in that order either.
I'm always craving, coveting, yearning for, thinking about peanut butter, but for some reason I've also begun to crave...pickles.
Anywho, I'm relatively sure you'd have to agree that for a To-Do list, it's a pretty dissipated, silly, nonsensical, and unimportant compilation of things. Which is exactly as it should be because, hey!  It's Summer!
What's on your To-Do list today?


Rachel said...

Yes, it is Monday again...it does come around once a week! =P

Your to-do list delights me. It's not nonsensical. It's adorable, and so very you.

You are sweet, and you are loved. <3

Grace said...

Thank you! I've already rearranged it three times since writing this post- I've been able to cross out a couple, yes, but it mostly has to do with deciding which to do first, and changing my mind on a few of them, as well as finding more things to do! :P

Rachel said...

The tea cups are adorable! PLEASE post pictures of them when they're done!!!

Colby Kern said...

You know, I'm in need of a project today. I think I want to play with paper mache too!

Grace said...

Rachel, I made ONE this evening! It's actually kind of cute for my first try. I'm used to working with paper mache, but I've never done it quite like this. I usually make masks over a form and then remove it- this is putting one or two thin layers of paper mache over cardboard and then painting it. It's different! I'll post picture tomorrow. :)
Colby: I love resorting to messy pastimes when bored.

Megan said...

that looks like a fun to-do list! :)
mmmm peanut butter is SO GOOD. I am addicted too. have you ever had trader joes pb? my fav!
I like the pictures of the tea cups, too! so pretty!


Emily Rose said...

I LOVE your To Do list!
BTW: Chai rules the world.:)