June 4, 2011


Today has been kind of busy.
Well, busy in a lazy, dissipated sort of way.
It all started out like every Saturday, in my humble opinion, should: at the Farmer's Market.
I have a huge crush on farmer's markets, and to say otherwise would make me a liar. 
I love farmer's markets.
The sights, the smells, the sense of community. 
There's something so wonderful about sorting through fresh fruit and chatting with complete strangers, the air full of the smell of steaming coffee, hot cinnamon rolls, bushels of produce, and handmade soaps and candles. 
I love the way the morning air makes everyone's cheeks that dappled shade of red, and the way most everybody is smiling, and those who frown don't do so for very long. 
I ended up getting some apricots which, though still a bit early of season, weren't all that bad. I suppose the time of year accounts for the excellent price, but they are delicious and fresh none-the-less.
However, after that the day seemed to drag.
And on.
It mostly has to do with the fact that I've got a horrible case of allergies bearing down on me, and have been dealing with laryngitis off and on all day. Top that with the fact that one of my brothers and a group of his friends are competing in a 48 hour film competition and the house was full of people, then empty, then full of people and boxes of pizza, then filled with even more people (children included this time), all who spent most of the time either talking, arguing heatedly, or filming...
But I digress.
I spent a lot of time wandering around, as is my wont, which probably hasn't helped my case of allergies at all. But it's been one of the loveliest days we've had this year: a whopping seventy-five degrees! Yes, it's been wretchedly cold all year long, and the weather seemingly refuses to be "June", opting more for "Early March".
It gave me a chance to sport my latest find: I picked up these sunglasses the other day for just a few dollars, and I'm completely in love with them. Aren't they cute?
I used to be such an anti-pink person, but I'm discovering more and more how much I actually love the color. It is possible to like pink and not be obsessed about it and/or one of those absurdly preppy types, you know. I think my aversion to the colour stemmed from the notion that pink was for girly-girls only. 

The sunset this evening was beautiful. I feel so blessed to have a West-facing window once again. It's how I grew up back in California. In the house we had before this (the house we first had when we moved to Idaho) I had a North window. 
It afforded a very boring view, as you can probably imagine, and I'm ecstatic to have the sunlight pouring into and illuminating my room every evening again. 
Isn't it lovely?
Well, the little sister is getting antsy for me to turn out the light so she can sleep, and I'm not adverse to going to bed now either so I'll sign off here.
Sorry I've done nothing much but ramble today.
But isn't that how it usually goes? 


Lily said...

well, 'twas a good ramble. (: I totally get what you said about pink----I used to hate it, but now I'm starting to realize that a lot of my daily things include it. *shrugs*

annnnd, because you're such a sweetheart: I awarded you on my blog!!!

love always,

Grace said...

Awww, LILY! I feel so honored! :')
YOU are the sweet one! <3