June 8, 2011

In Which She Prepares For A Party

I'm throwing a party!
A blog party!
A Summer blog party! 
And you're all invited! *throws confetti*
It should be up and running sometime soon, so keep your lovely eye-balls on the lookout! 
I'm having such fun planning it- it's not going to be your everyday, "answer-these-questions" type blog party: it will  involve some hands-on, brain-powered fun. 
And I can't wait! 
Anyway, today can't decide what it's like or what it wants to be.
It's so frustratingly close to being one of these days...
...but just cool and breezy enough to make you want to take your book inside and opt for a cup of tea on the couch instead of lemonade in the grass. 
I so wanted it to be a glorious, warm day (it is June eighth, after all!), but found myself just disappointed enough to be slightly miserable. 
Top this with the fact that my body decided that maybe today would be a good day to become an ice cube (Think freezing cold. Think blue-tinged hands and feet. Think a cold that feels like a very rottenness emanating from your bones, accompanied by the sensation of thick custard running through your veins. It sends you shivering into extra layers of clothing, a blanket, and to a pot of hot tea. It puts you in a bathtub of hot water, the temperature of which normally makes you sweat buckets but now only warms you up to a pleasant cozy. That's what "ice cube" feels like).
These bouts of cold don't come every day, but they do come, and they make me absolutely miserable.
Luckily enough for me, when the sensation began to hit- it begins in your fingers, toes, feet, hands- I was already embarking on a four mile walk, so the sun was just hot enough and my pace just brisk enough to ward  off any fear of frost-bite, and left instead only a lingering chill. 
Oh dear. 
There I go again: complaining about myself and my difficulties!
I've been working very hard lately on praying for others when I find my mind completely settled on myself.
Our pastor's sermon on Sunday- which was marvelous- was on a similar topic. Ironically enough, it's something I've been thinking about for a couple of weeks or so. 
He said "Depression, despair, desertion and defeat is going on all around us, and unless we are striving to reach out, we don't know about it." Which was followed by "We get so caught up in our own drama and troubles that we forget to see the drama and troubles in the lives of everyone else. We are all struggling, and even though we would like to help or even are helping in a way, we cannot fix others or expect someone else to fix us.
"God is the only One who can-and will-do the fixing."
Oh, how this cut my conscience! 
I can get so caught up in my battles and problems- anorexia, physical health, the daily battle, and life- that I quickly become selfish and blind to anything that is happening around me. 
When I recently complained about my struggles, a friend kindly yet firmly turned my eyes to the Cross and said "next time you're losing sleep or struggling, take yourself to the altar and pray for someone else. Plenty of others are struggling too, some with even greater problems."
This has been the best advice I've heard in a long time.
So I've been compiling a prayer list of people I know who are struggling with anything, be it health, emotional, or otherwise, and every time I find myself focusing on me and my problems, I rapidly switch gears and start praying for the first name that comes to mind.
Most of the people on this list attend my church, although some of them are friends or just prayer requests I've heard in passing. However, I want to widen my horizons.
I want to pray for you
Yes, you. 
What prayer requests do you have in your life right now?
How can I pray for you?
I know it seems a little strange (I promise I'm not a blog stalker, creeper, or serial killer), but if there is anything in your life that you would like prayer for- no matter how small it may seem- let me know and I will add it to the list.
I'd be so very grateful if you did!
What helps you helps me- the longer my list, the more I pray, the less I can think about myself. 
I won't ask you to leave your prayer requests via comment if you don't want to. If it's private or if you'd just rather it be between the two of us (Well, plus God it's the three of us), then email me.
I hope to see my 'lil old inbox full of your prayer needs and requests!
In the mean time, it's time to put tonight's shepherd's pie together, and finish making the button for the upcoming bloggy-party. 
Cheerio, me luvlies, and keep smiling!


Rick_D_Anderson said...

For me, if you could be praying that God would keep my heart in the right place that would be fantastic. Being away from my parents and independent can easily build pride within me, and previous temptations become giants looming over me. So yeah, I would really appreciate that :)

p.s. I've been praying for you and your health, I know things will end for the good, and for Gods glory Romans 8:28 :)

Lily said...

ohhhh, I can't wait for your blog party!!! I know it'll be super-duper fun. :DDDD

love always,

Brianne said...

#1 I'm looking forward to this party just as I look forward to *all* of your parties, dearest! *EXCITED*!!!

#2 I have many prayer requests, and you know almost all of them... I may be writing you/chatting at you about this other lesser-known one very soon. :') It's a toughie, and one I tend to despair over more than worry over... it's a *past* thing, not a future thing. Anyways.

#3 You inspire me and bless others ALL the time. Thank you. :") <3

Emily Rose said...

Ooh I can't wait for your blog party!

Rachel said...

Sooo excited for your blog party, girl!!! :) Knowing you, it'll be absolutely brilliant. =P

For me, you can be praying that God starts to show me the path he wants me to be taking in my life in coming months. There are a lot of variables starting to overwhelm me, and I would really just appreciate a covering of peace. <3

Grace said...

Thank you all!! I'm both extremely, anxiously excited for the party, and also excessively thankful for the prayer requests! I'm praying for each of you lots.
And Rachael, remember that "though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." He is so powerful! The battles may get you down, but remember: the war is already won!!! Praying for you all!! <3