June 24, 2011

Dear Friday

Dear Friday,
I am writing in response to your posted advertisement that read as such:
Sunshine, relaxation, and a someone with ample time to spend in it.
Offering a 12 to 24 hour position.
Tasks include smiling, reflecting, wandering, and any random acts of kindness as needed.
The person inquiring must be of good humor and creative turn of mind, and must also posses a good imagination from which they may draw on to fill said working hours with diverting entertainment.
Television and video games are prohibited.
Inquire within."

I believe I am more than qualified for this position.
My resume boasts an impressive knowledge of crafting skills, and I am in possession of many resources to work with, all of which should more than exceed the management's expectations. 
     Some of these include: 
A full collection of books- poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction- and a near limitless source to draw on in the event of a shortage. 
A propensity to and talent for wandering: i.e. gypsying, long walks, expeditions, escapades, etc. Also, a bicycle is available upon request or need. 
Advanced knitting skills and many on-hand supplies. 
An active, rambling mind, much accustomed to musing and reflecting. 
Ample amounts of time to draw upon- I am at your disposal! 
Years of practice in the area of Friday relaxation, as well as a course or two in weekend dissipation. 
Excellent tea-time skills. 
I am accomplished in the area of kitchen and culinary skills: cooking, baking, etc. 
A large collection of hats- vintage and non; all quite stylish and more than suitable- as well as sunglasses and sunscreen. Also have a large wardrobe selection including dresses, shorts, tanks, tees, jeans, and many pairs of shoes to fit attire requirements.
I have very few requests or demands as an employee. I require at least twenty ounces of good hot tea at any given time during the shift, although I am quite ready to exchange it for lemonade, should there be any on hand.
I also demand good music, sunshine, and a lawn chair
Fireflies and a wonderful sunset are nice, but I'm not too choosy on these two fronts.
I am available to contact at any given time of the day. Please send your response to:
Grace Anne Doolittle
The Old Painted Gypsy Cart 
Between the Dream and the Reality.
I can also be found at your local library or wandering an open field.
Hope to hear from you soon!


Rachel said...

This entire post is SHEER GENIUS.

I mean...wow. I was almost in tears with the beauty of the entire post as a whole.

Such effortless bliss.

You are very loved! <3

happyflower said...