June 12, 2011

Day Three: A Novel Idea

It's day three of All Things Bright and Beautiful!
And, as promised, I'm going to show you all what I did yesterday afternoon.
Drumroll please!
...Cut my hair!
I know, I know; long hair is beautiful, long hair is feminine.
But long hair is also expensive. 
I honestly didn't want to get it cut, but my mother was giving us all a pep talk on how we really need to cut back on our water and electricity usage, because she can hardly afford the bills. Later that night (Friday), I timed myself while washing my hair to see how long it took. 
Approximately twelve minutes.
Twelve minutes to wash my long, thick hair.
Twelve minutes of running water
And that was hair alone! Not counting all the other things one has to get clean in the shower! And I'm not really one to loaf around and spend extra time enjoying the hot water, either. 
So Saturday afternoon, giving no warning to anyone but my stylist, I got it all chopped off.
I went from almost waist-length to this.
And I actually love it!
But enough about me: on to the blog party!
Today, I'm going to have you all put together your Summer reading list.
Now class, pay attention!
Your list must be written as creatively and neatly (mind those margins!) as possible, with an eye on punctuation. It must contain at least five titles.
However, I'm well acquainted most of my bloggers pretty well, and I know that five is a miserable, measly, laughable minimum. I myself have a list about a hundred long! But for the sake of those who maybe don't like to read a whole lot, or don't have the time, you can start with five and do as many as you like. 
I'd demand you read at least the first book on your list, but that's getting a little out of hand as the party hostess. *wink*
Here's just a small, itty-bittty slice of my reading list.
1. Discipline: The Glad Surrender- Elisabeth Eliot
2. Lady Susan- Jane Austen
3. The Elegance Of The Hedgehog- Muriel Barbery
4. The Black Tulip- Alexander Dumas
5. The Complete Works of Agatha Christie (Again. I've read them all before).
6. Milkweed - Jerry Spinelli 
7. Shakespeare's Sonnets (I've already read these too, but they deserve repeating).
8. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (I read this once every Summer).
9. Ruth- Elizabeth Gaskell
10. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake- Aimee Bender
11. State of Wonder- Anne Patchett
12. Hick- Andrea Portes
13. Beauty Queens- Libba Bray
14.The Lost Art Of True Beauty- Leslie Ludy
15. The Complete Poetical Works Of John Donne
16. Finish reading the At Home In Mitford Series and all of the Father Tim books by Jan Karon
17. The Thirteenth Tale- Diane Setterfield
19. Prayer: A Holy Occupation- Oswald Chambers
20. Dubliners- James Joyce (Yes, I've never read this. It's sad, but true). 
Again, this is just a small fraction-randomly picked- off of my much longer reading list. 
What's on your list? 
Can't wait to find out!!


Rachel said...

Your hair is DARLING! Oh my goodness, it's so freaking cute! I'm not that brave to cut mine all off like that, although I'm thinking a trim and layering is coming in the near future. :)

Can't wait to do this book list! :p ...although you were right, five is far too few! =P

<3 Love to you, beauty!

Peace, Love, and Girlz said...

wow nice <3 it!!!! I can't cut my hair too afrid!!! now i follow ur blog check out mine sometime!!! @

Sarah Michelle said...

Your hair looks so cute! :) And I love reading your blog, by the way! :)

Theresa Rohrer said...

Your hair looks lovely! I recently chopped about half of mine off as well. It's so nice and cool in the summer to be rid of my built in hat and scarf.
Let me know you think of Lady Susan, I recently finished that one as well. It was the last of the Jane Austin novels I hadn't read yet, but I don't think it was my favorite. I thought Lady Susan was a bit of a hussy.

Emily Rose said...

Oh my gosh I love your hair! I had mine short like that once - it is much more manageable than when it's long.
I read Milkweed a few months ago. I wasn't sure how I'd like it because I don't usually love his writing, but it was really good! It's very very sad though.;(

Grace said...

Thank you all for the compliments! I agree completely, Theresa; it IS nice to be rid of my "hat and scarf". The same one that reached to my waist. :P

Emily: I've read ALL of Jerry Spinelli's work EXCEPT Milkweed, so I thought it was about time I read it. I love love love Stargirl and The Library Card, but his other books have always been merely ok to me. I'll have to see what I think.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Love the hair! I'm with you on the length of time it takes to wash thick hair! Mine is a little above shoulder length and it takes me a long time to take care of it.....I may have to get the short cut I've been dreaming of..... =)

Megan said...

I just scrolled down and saw this post.
your hair is TOOOO CUTE!!!! ahhhh I love it!
you pull it off so well! (and you have a beautiful smile!!!)
I tried the short hair look in eighth grade....not for me! I looked so bad. haha!

Megan :)